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Bernie vs German Entertainer

A little funny story which happend here in good old Germany this weekend.

Stefan Raab, a German Entertainer planned to to a Stockcar-race in the ArenaAufSchalke (football-stade of Schalke04) with some famous actors, singers and so on - also Christian Klien wanted to take part.

One day befor the qualifying for the race, Bernie Ecclestone said that he won't allow Klien to race and i he would to it nevertheless, he would lose his Superlicence.

So TvTotal (The show of Stefan Raab) published a PR and said:

"The guys of F1 have made a mess in their pants. They are afraid that our stockcar-race will beoome more popular than their races. But I wion't let a dwarf like Ecclestone take the piss out of me."

I love this guy:hehe:

Another nice comment while adverstising the race: "If it gets too boring, we'll all change our tyres to Michelin"


  • I like German humour!:hehe:
  • ... but I hate Stefan Raab! Go Harald Schmidt!
  • I like German humour!:hehe:
    There IS such a thing?
  • Well, there is but you won't like it. It involves whole countries.

    Having said that ...

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  • Now THAT, is funny. Puts a different light on 'Stand-Up'.

    Shortest book in the world - 'All German Joke Book'
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