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Herbie: Fully Loaded

Just saw Herbie: Fully Loaded.
I thought it was going to be as lame as the originals, but it turned out not too bad. So if you need to take the kiddies to a movie it was far fetched as expected but really well done.

Also of interest to Aussies is the car he/she/it drags off is a new pontiac GTO (nee Holden Monaro puss bucket).

P.S. What gender is Herbie?????? or was in neutered.


  • Can’t believe they turned the Monte Carlo Rally winning Herbie into a fucking box on wheels that turns left all day! :mad:

    I'm sorry, original Herbie movies are good (in fact they were fucking great when I was a kid) but the 'new' Herbie sucks tremendous dick.
  • All Herbies suck!
  • Herbie is great!

    The original is a classic, entertaining for adults and off the charts for kids. Iit's my sons favorite movie. ''Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo" has some really cool shots of '70's sportscars. The second film. 'Rides Again' is OK and 'Herbie Goes Bananas' is dreadful. It pains me to say that since Cloris Leachman and Harvey Korman are in it but such is life.

    How am I the Roger Ebert of Herbie? Those of you with children know the answer.

    As for the new film I thought it was very good, it stays consistent with the others - no or very little and unobtrusive CGI - and the cast does a good job with what's there for them, it is a Herbie movie, after all. Matt Dillon does a fine job in full on 'There's Something About Mary' mode as the villian. Herbie/NASCAR is the simple fact that that is the dominant form of racing in America. If it weren't I'm sure he'd still be a dirt rally racer.
  • I would say something intelligent and/or clever in this space, but dst has done a fine job of summing up how I feel about the Herbie franchise.

    When I was real young, these were my favorite movies. It combined my love of cars with a cartoonish and silly story, an absolute classic for children from my generation.
  • Don - my boy turns 3 in a few days. Are the original Herbie movies OKAY for him? He watches little TV - mainly F1 and the Giants. I count the Giants as horror flicks.

  • It's perfect for him, be prepared to see the thing 67 times. There is nothing at all questionable, believe me I have definitely popped something in and immediately regretted it know what I mean? 87 minutes of nothing but crap behavior with an apology and all is well.

    'The Love Bug' is best- Be sure to get the original 1968 one and NOT the 1997 TV remake, haven't seen it but that's the point I guess. After that if you can find 'Monte Carlo' is cool for racecar fans because of the cars.

    The 'Thorndyke Special' from the original- Pretty cool!


  • Don - how much TV do you let your kids watch? I can't remember the ages of your but I thought one was older and one younger than ours. Just a touch of TV and he is hooked and that is a little bothersome....

  • We have one, he'll be 4 in early September.

    It depends on a lot of different things, winter- definitely more. It's not like he'd ever rather watch TV than go outside and play so I feel he's not overexposed. But we certainly let him watch more than some militants we know.

    I feel a lot differently about hard and fast rules about how much, within reason, than I did before we had our son. Mostly due to what's on now vs. when we were kids. 'Too much TV rots your brain' I think that's true if, like us, watching an hour of 'Sesame Street' and 4 hours of Tom trying to kill Jerry interspresed with another hour of cereal commercials.

    Don't get me wrong I love classic cartoons (WB, etc.) and have nothing against my kid watching them, in moderation. It's like food, I wouldn't eat Ding Dongs 3 times a day but every now and then.

    I wouldn't be nearly as open to this if it weren't for one channel in particular. It's called Noggin. No commercials, they have songs in place of commercials and all good programming. Obviously there are shows I'd rather not be exposed to because I find them sickeningly nauseating, but not that I'd think of as having an 'agenda' that I or from what I know of you, you. You know standard preschool lessons- fair play, teamwork, persistence.

    It boils down for me (after windbagging for so long) to 'What are we watching' instead of How much are we watching.' There are good choices today when there really wasn't for us.
  • Typically I don't let him watch anything - other than hismandatory hour of Fox each evening. But my wife has been doing some painting lately and so he has had a bout an hour a day - Blues Clues and whatever follows it. He did catch some Tom and jerry and sure as shit he wanted to saw his stuffed animals in half.

    He proably gets that from my side of the family....

    I used to think all that crap about kids watching TV and then acting it out was crap - but now I see that it is a wonder that we lived through childhood. I have let him watch Bugs because he should be the official animal of the US.

    Thanks for the info - back to human experimentation.
  • Hard to translate the popularity of the 'Love Bug' to a generation that is not surrounded by Beetles.

    I clearly recall the night I first saw it at the drive-in (Yes, Jimmy, there were such things). After the movie was over and the vehicles all progressed out onto the street, the Beetles were really getting stuck into it - hilarious.

    What was that about 'if you remember the sixties, you weren't really there'?

    Emmet, if you had girls, a good supply of Saddle Club videos would do.
  • Weren't you guys more of Rolling Stones-fans??
  • Beetles as in Volkswagen Beetles...................................um................dude.
  • Finally some reaction :P Hahahaha

    And what about Herbie Hancock?
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