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Minardis 05 engine

will minardi have the same engine as the one red bull as using. who nows owns cosworth racing. how much we paying


  • will minardi have the same engine as the one red bull as using.
    Yes! The Cosworth TJ90 V10.
    who nows owns cosworth racing.
    Kevin Kalkhoven and Gerald Forsythe.
    how much we paying
    A lot! I don't know how much.

  • I think it depends on what kind of contract was signed prior to Cossie being sold. If I remember correctly the deal with Cossie was signed BEFORE the crash and burn of Jag/Cossie was official.
  • ^ When they bought Cosworth, they bought the contract for what Ford described as "subsidised engines".
  • I think you can thank PS good relationship with Cosworth. They knew Cossie was going down and he was quick to make sure he had a deal for 2005.

    So if they got bought out he'd have new engines for this year.

    More reason to sort out the chassis
  • Jordan also had a (3-year) contract with Ford.

    How come they have been released from it ???
  • Ford wanted out of F1, Judas wanted out of a contract he can't afford anymore. 'twas mutual.
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