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Fun with Google Earth

Minardi Factory


Lion's Den, GCM's favorite eating spot




Follow my examples. :cool:

[Edited on 6/7/2005 by Jello_Biafra]


  • bloody hell, this is sweet!!!
  • dowloaded it as well, this is soooo awesome!! and it's free:hehe:
  • funny how the map of faenza is more precise than the one for london...
  • Find your place yet? :hehe:
  • no, the maps of innsbruck are not suitable, the ones of Holland aren't great either. go and have a look at niagara falls ontario though, that's breathtaking!
  • If its the same as maps.google.com, then that thing is too addictive.
    Have spent hours on there finding countless racetracks and landmarks around the world... much more fun doing it without the search function.
  • this is just so good, imagine what an application like this will be like in 10 year! i mean some of the maps are not good, Holland for example. it's the map that used to be on dutch phone books for a while, not very clear. kuala lumpur can't be seen at all, same goes for bath and bristol.

    but then you can see the niagara falls, the statue of liberty, the golden gate bridge as if you were hovering just above it. the same goes for munich, incredible quality, bologna, breathtaking, monaco, as if you were there. if they can come up with a program that can take you to any spot on the globe in the quailty they have for most of the us, I'd stay home forever and hover across the world :hehe:

  • I have not had the time but anybody look up Venice? I hear that there is not really a 100% map of it done yet.
  • hehe had a look at that already, you can see st.marks quite well
  • Last week my wife emailed me one of these from her work.

    Ground zero was our house in Canberra. Subtlety is not one of her strong points.
  • You've got to wonder how they select their maps. There is no map of Cologne but there's a really good one of Port au Prince, Haiti...
  • Probably has to do with being contracted to do Haiti before but not Cologne.

    My (small) town is crystal clear. Indianapolis.. not so clear.
  • san francisco is indeed crystal clear, had a look at alcatraz and the golden gate bridge:hehe:
  • Indy seemed good to me, found the Speedway. Minneapolis is crystalline, found my house!

    This is the coolest thing I've seen in a looooong time.
  • san francisco is indeed crystal clear, had a look at alcatraz and the golden gate bridge:hehe:
    Wait until you see them in person - I know a real good tour guide!
  • Sydney looks pretty good, although Richmond-Windsor is a little dodgy. :( I cant make out Mt Panorama, Bathurst either. :(

    That map of Monaco is amazing! It's a shame the cloud cover shadows some of the buildings. I wonder what the Alps look like...? :D
  • No Mac Drivers yet!....Bastards!
    :( :(
  • I see you Quigley.


  • image

    Avus F1 track!

    I wonder how fast a lap would be nowadays?
  • An awesome tool.

    Living in Malaysia, I could view my kids properties in Australia as well as seeing my own in Brisbane.

    I tried to track my last place in Sydney but couldn't find it without coordinates. Found my daughter's farm near Urana with the landmark coordinates posted on a soaring clubs site, then just measured 9km east and 2.3 km north and there it was.

    The images are a few years old I suspect, but no doubt will be updated from time to time.

    Now I'm trying to check out our run sites in Malaysia but the resolution is not so good, and its hard to tell one rubber tree from the next, one palm from the next and where the mountains used to be.

    I had a quick look for Osama but didn't see him, ....now if I just had live imagery with military resolution......

    I guess he has all his lookalikes running round above ground looking up at the satellites. :)
  • The images are a few years old I suspect, but no doubt will be updated from time to time.
    depends where your'e looking.
    I know for a fact the photos of my local area were taken sometime in the last couple of months.
  • Try highlighting the roads Spin. It makes navigating real easy once you find the general area.
  • Yep, I did that plus the other features.

    It all depends on the resolution.
    This morning I did a recce for a run and later produced a map.

    Clearly some surrounding areas had been changed, like excavated to 20 metres deeper, for a new housing estate. But the remaining area can be determined from the elevations and profiles.

    This area doesn't have the roads mapped other than the photo images of them which vary in clarity.

    By the way, some Malaysian areas I would say are about 3 years old, such as the city of Putrajaya, and recent highway and elevated road projects which are only shown as construction areas but have been completed for over a year.

    The US and Europe may well be more up to date.
    Our latest offshore platforms are not shown and they have been in place for about 18 months or more. I have the exact coordinates for them but they may have been deleted for security reasons. I couldn't find many ships either so the seas may be left clear.
  • Surely terrorists will be happy with Google Earth.
    It will make it easier for them to choose a nice target !!
  • As long as they don't touch the Minardi factory, Minardus.

    Good to see that you're getting real use out of it Spin. Heh. I just mess around and fine cool stuff. :rolleyes:
  • As long as they don't touch the Minardi factory, Minardus.
    You shouldn't of told them where it was!!! :spank:
  • Jello, before my latest projects on offshore facilities, I used to do a lot of QRAs (quantitative risk assessment) and accdient investigations of chemical plants, gas plants and the like. Still have one or two projects, including a highway risk assessment and tsunami assessment where this will halp put the more detailed maps together and make the distance measuring and elevations easier.

    We use the same sort of 3D models within facilities but the global scale of Google Earth is impressive.

    I spent more time messing with it last weekend than working.
  • Guys, how do you save the image so it can be uploaded to post on here?

    That's the best tool ever, my home and business come up in wonderful resolution considering i'm out in the bush! :)

    I've also found the Brickyard pretty easily, also Laguna Seca and my 'local' (500kms away) sprint track, Wakefield Park. :)

    Thanks for gifting me another way to waste my time away. :hehe:
  • Does that mean that you're springing for the full version then, Spin? :cool:

    P1: Use the Print Screen button mate.
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