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  • Source?
  • www.minardi.it

    Seems it's a 3 year degree in Chemisty/Ceramics. Wonder if that includes some work with Minardi? What would we get out of this..?
  • Maybe one of our Italian speakers can give us some insight?
  • MAN also seems to have upped their game.
    Their logo is now also on our mirrors !!!
  • it's the university of Bologna (the oldest in the world)
    It's a degree in chemistry and technology about ceramics. Faenza is the italian capital of ceramic.
    The courses are in Faenza.
  • For jello:only describe a" specialization" (on italian is indirizzo but on english :rolleyes: ) of Bologna University with seat on Faenza.
    Minardi is one of the sponsors.

    ...is it english?
  • :o Salvo's english is a bit faster!
  • you're getting fast too;):D
  • Thanks bouc... who thinks I look like my avatar. That hurts man..
  • "who thinks I look like my avatar. That hurts man.."

    As I recall, you looked even worse Saturday morning at Imola..............................................
  • Anybody want pictures?
  • You guys have your hush money!
  • Hey man - I was not going to sell you out - well not the Friday pics. I do have SOME honor. Murph is talking about Saturday nite!
  • oh! ...jello... you have nice avatar...

    hem... hem...


  • *sticks tongue out*
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