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British Qualifying

Albers does well again.

Beating Pat by 1 sec. NOt doing much to keep his seat on merit. Thats a shame, but good to see Chris has the confidence now.


  • It's time for Friesacher to be pushed. Out the door if necessary. Albers is embarassing him.
  • I'd rather a hard charger for no money. Hiekki on a loan from renault even. Flavio has done it before. Twice for us even with Alonso and Webber.
  • evidently the boy is under pressure and he's no at his ease anymore, since in the first part of the season he was doing much better.
    Sic stantibus rebus, another driver bringing lots of money would be better, possibly keeping Pat as third driver.
  • I'd rather a hard charger for no money. Hiekki on a loan from renault even. Flavio has done it before. Twice for us even with Alonso and Webber.
    Why Heikki? He's already fighting for the GP2 championship.
    Montagny would be the logical choice if I were Flavio.
    He must be itching to race!!!!!

    Btw, check out this pic from ourcar:
    On the side of the frontwing you can read Bindgestone instead of Bridgestone!!!!!!
    What does it mean??????
    Or coulditbe a subtle "critique" forwhat happened in France with our tyres!?!?!?!?:o
  • That IS strange - but I have no idea what it means...

    However , here is the word on quali from faenza:


    SILVERSTONE, ENGLAND, July 9, 2005 – It was “business as usual” for Minardi F1 Team drivers Christijan Albers and Patrick Friesacher during the second day of preparations for tomorrow’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Relatively low overnight temperatures meant track conditions were not ideal for the first of today’s two official practice sessions, but grip levels gradually improved, allowing Albers and Friesacher to continue with their chassis set-up programmes ahead of the afternoon qualifying session and Sunday’s race. As usual, both drivers pushed to the maximum on their qualifying runs around the high-speed twists and turns of Silverstone, Albers emerging as the quicker of the two on this occasion.

    CHRISTIJAN ALBERS Best lap: 1 min 24.576 secs Position: 18th
    “It was a bit difficult to get enough heat in the tyres in just the one warm-up lap, but even so, I’m satisfied with my qualifying effort. I think it was a good lap, particularly considering Patrick and I are on similar strategies tomorrow. As far as the circuit is concerned, Silverstone is a very nice track, but doesn’t suit the Minardi chassis as well as some others we visit. Undoubtedly, tomorrow’s race will prove to be tough, but we’ll see what we can do.”

    PATRICK FRIESACHER Best lap: 1 min 25.566 secs Position: 19th
    “I’m a bit disappointed with the qualifying result. The morning practice was good, as we were able to improve lap after lap during both sessions. Unfortunately, I had a problem with the brakes on my qualifying lap, and the chassis balance wasn’t perfect either. The track temperature rose this afternoon, and I think that affected the handling. As a result, I was struggling with the car, and my lap time reflected that.”

    PAUL STODDART, Team Principal, Minardi Cosworth
    “Despite relatively trouble-free third and fourth practice sessions today, the team failed to capitalise on this in qualifying. Having said that, both cars have healthy fuel loads on board for tomorrow, and we therefore look forward to an interesting race.”

    - Ends -

    Chassis allocation – 2005 British Grand Prix
    Friesacher (No 20) PS05/02
    Albers (No 21) PS05/01
    Spare car (Albers) PS05/03
  • you late, you hear me?? late!!!! it's on the front page already mooohahahahahaha
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