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Jordan in the shit again

From http://www.f1racing.net/
Jordan may axe plans to race the new, but flawed, 'b' car this year. Sporting director Adrian Burgess, who recently replaced Trevor Carlin, told f1.com that the 'EJ15B' would only hit the grand prix slopes if 'circumstances are right.'

"If we cannot introduce it in a reliable and positive approach," he added, "we will not be forced into that."

EJ15B is the first real development to come out of Silverstone since Eddie Jordan sold the struggling team. It is reported that adverse cooling is the design's main problem.

Sources also confirmed that, despite speculation of a switch to customer Mercedes-Benz power, Jordan - to be renamed Midland for 2006 - is sticking with Toyota next year.

First Dallara pissing them off, and now this. Hopefully this will slow down development of their 2006 challenger. Speaking of which, I think Paul should pay a visit to the Dallara factory some time soon and have a talk with them about next season. Perhaps some input from outside in regards to (Dallara's already developed) 2006 car might be of great benifit to Minardi?


  • Jordan are still way ahead of us. When our hope is based on f**kups by Jordan and not because of Minardi making real improvements I feel really sad. It only makes us more pityfull!
  • Hear, hear.
  • I'm with Biker and Viges on this one.

    However every little helps. ;)

    There seems have been hints of further development from Faenza I'm hoping that these are more than PR platitudes:-

    Post Silverstone:-

    PS " it’s clear more development is required on the car.”
    Post Montreal:-

    PS "There’s no question but that there is still performance to come from the PS05"
    Im still waiting to see the radical PS05 engine cover with no room for sponsers promised pre season!!! :P
  • i don't like this Jordan hater topics, like this! They are far better than us, so i don't think we are in a situation when we can judge the yellow team..

    And if they are in shit, then where are we? :rolleyes:
  • in shit-heaven
  • Simple, we're just FUCKED. :P :(
  • Simple, we're just FUCKED. :P :(
    Yes, but at least that's enjoyable, well most of the time?
  • New rumors from Grandprix.com:
    David Richards and Jordan
    There have been some rumours in recent days linking former Benetton and BAR boss David Richards with a deal to acquire the struggling Jordan F1 team as the current owners Midland seem to be going nowhere in no particular hurry. The team has yet to confirm its engines for 2006 and there is no sign of any investment being made by Midland amid rumours that some of the partners in the business are opposed to the F1 project.

    The F1 authorities are very keen that Jordan be kept alive because they do not want the field to drop below 20 cars and while there is still talk going on with Eddie Irvine and his Russian backer Roustam Tariko, it seems that Richards is also involved and is trying to put together a deal to acquire a team, rather than working for someone else.

    There have been other rumours suggesting that Richards is hoping to lure Korea's Hyundai into F1 with backing from Samsung.

    There is no doubt that Hyundai does have big ambitions which include F1 if it is possible. The company has been growing rapidly in recent years following the break-up of the old Hyundai industrial empire into five different companies in 2003. Until 2004 Hyundai was competing (unsuccessfully) in the World Rally Championship, so Richards has the necessary contacts.

    Whether Samsung might also be involved is quite another matter. Samsung and Hyundai have traditionally been bitter rivals but since the Hyundai break-up Samsung has reigned supreme as Korea's top industrial group. There is no doubt that Samsung has been sniffing around F1 recently but it remains to be seen whether there will be a deal with a different team.

    The rival LG company is also said to be looking seriously at F1 sponsorship.

    Korean interest in F1 is growing and it should not be forgotten that there is a deal in place for there to be an F1 race in Korea in 2009.
  • Ok, so now that Sauber is basically owned by BMW...and Red Bull is up on power with it's revamped Cosworth.......has there been any rumors as to where our power will come from in the future?

    Can not help but think we would have done a better job with the Toyota than our fine yellow friends.
  • Rev limited Cosworth V10's next season.

    If the rev limit is set at 17500-18000rpm as I have read it will be, that will not affect Minardi at all. From what i've seen we already rev limit our engines in the races to get the absolute maximum life out of them and insure a finish. Think about it, this is no different to 1988 when the Turbo engines had their final season to make way for the N/A 3.5 litre engines. The Turbo cars were restricted, yet they still got up and won. Only this time around, if a team can afford to have a V8 (which all of the leading teams can because they have free engine supplies or build their own) then they have to use one.

    What worries me is Toyota are talking next season the engines will lose them 2.5 seconds per lap. That's still not enough to get us near the front on our current form.
  • More Jordan news from Gandprix.com:
    Kiesa gets third Jordan
    Our sources in Denmark say that Nicolas Kiesa will drive the third Jordan this weekend in Germany and, if all goes to plan, will remain in the car for the rest of the year. The 27-year-old drove for Minardi in 2003 after Justin Wilson moved to Jaguar Racing but was unable to find a job in 2004.

    He came close to a Minardi deal at the start of this year but could not raise enough money to land the drive which eventually went to Patrick Friesacher.
    What does the Jordan Concorde signing mean?

    Tiago Monteiro, United States GP 2005© The Cahier ArchiveThe announcement that Jordan F1 has signed up with the Ferrari and Red Bull Racing for the revised Concorde Agreement means very little. If anything, in fact, it underlines the team's weakness at the moment. The only logical argument that we can think of is that by agreeing to the deal Jordan has some form of revenue guaranteed after the end of 2007, which might make it a more saleable entity. However, as the FIA-FOM-Ferrari deal currently extends to only three teams (six cars), it is not going to make a very interesting championship - we have recent evidence of the popularity of six-car races.

    As the other seven Formula 1 teams seem to be remaining united for a better financial deal, it is unlikely that those who sign now will be getting as good a deal as those who hold out for more cash. And with seven teams holding out, there remains the option of a rival championship which could feature 14 better-funded cars. Obviously such a situation is not what anyone wants but as Formula One Management continues down its current path, hoping to divide and conquer rather than allow teams to bargain collectively, this possibility must remain open.

    The fact that the FIA has made compromising noises about the rules does not ultimately mean that there will be a compromise.

    Much will now depend on whether the remaining seven teams remain united, if one of the seven decides to jump ship the picture will change dramatically. However, the seven teams have seen in recent months that sticking together is a very strong force and are unlikely to give away that power, particularly as the revised Concorde Agreement appears to offer a very special deal to Ferrari.
    Jordan's race against time
    Jordan F1 has 10 days in which to complete its engine deal with Toyota and Williams is waiting quietly on the sidelines, keen to see whether the Russian-owned team will hit the deadline. The deal between Jordan and Toyota is agreed but it depends on payments being made and Jordan has been struggling for cash in recent months as the Russians behind the Midland Group do not seem interested in coming up with the cash and instead are trying to sell the team. They want $66m so it is not surprising that they are having trouble finding a buyer.

    There are several possible buyers out there but only if the price comes down to around $30m.

    The good news for Jordan is that even if the Toyota deal falls out of bed, which will probably happen because due dilligence is going to take time when a deal is done, there is an engine deal waiting from Cosworth. If Jordan does put the Toyota deal together in time, Williams will probably have to use Cosworths in 2006, before switching to Toyota in 2007.

    What is interesting is that Jordan has signed the Concorde Agreement extension deal. This might have been done to enable the team to borrow money (perhaps from Bernie Ecclestone) to pay for the engines without help from Russia.

    A new buyer might consider a Cosworth deal more attractive because the engines can be badged and there have been rumours that David Richards is looking at taking Hyundai into F1 using Jordan as a vehicle. For the Korean car maker a deal with Cosworth would be a good place to start.
  • If Grandprix.com knows their shit, LG would be welcomed back to Faenza with open arms.
  • Jordan/Midland just announced that they signed Johnny Herbert into a management role !!!!!!
  • I have followed Johnny's career for a long time and he is still one of my all time favourite drivers. However, I'm not sure about this move. It will be good for him to have a higher profile but I'm not sure that this is a great time to join Jordan/Midland/Dallara or whatever they're called. Anyway good luck to him - just wished he could have joined Minardi instead!!
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