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Michelin Tyres

From F1-Live

"An eighth team asked for a Michelin partnership...

Since its return to Formula One, Michelin has noticed a strong imbalance in its favour; 7 teams having requested Michelin to provide tyres to them. This tendency has continued since an eighth team has now asked Michelin for a partnership agreement."

I think they are the better supplier, even though Bindstone or whatever was on our cars gave us Massive points at Indy.

A comparison on the same car would be interesting.


  • so we'll make the podium at next year's USGP?
  • I take it that that that "they" is us?

    I got some interesting pictures at the USGP with the minardi's pin front of TIOT. Since I work on tire molds in Akron it was interesting to see that the better quality molds seemed to be on the red cars... at least that was how it appeared.
  • Oh, never mind my last inquiry... I found the answer:

    Michelin Calls for "Balance" Between F1 Tire Manufacturers
    Written by: Cassio CortesClermont-Ferrand, France – 7/20/2

    Tire maker Michelin has revealed its dissatisfaction with Formula 1’s current balance of power tire-wise, in which the French company supplies seven teams versus three for rivals Bridgestone.

    Michelin stated in a release this Wednesday that it has received a request by an eighth team for next season, and fears it could not be as competitive supplying that many teams.

    "Formula 1 must remain the marvelous technological showcase that it is, thus allowing the world's automobile players to compete, whilst offering a true show for the fans, as well as providing benefits within the automotive industry," stated company CEO Edouard Michelin. "It is with this in mind that tire manufacturers must be able to make their own contribution towards improving the performances of the teams they supply.”

    The release concluded by saying that “Michelin is completely open to allowing for a more balanced split of teams among tire manufacturers, starting as early as the 2006 season."

    That eighth squad is almost certain to be Minardi, as team boss Paul Stoddart’s relationship with Bridgestone has never been exactly rosy. In addition, Stoddart sided with the Michelin-shod teams in the aftermath of the USGP debacle.

    On the other hand, Bridgestone should have Red Bull on its fold for ‘06, as the energy drinks-owned squad is set to begin a strong technical relationship with engine suppliers Ferrari, the Japanese tire maker’s only manufacturer-backed team in F1.

    That, however, would keep the 70-30 Michelin-Bridgestone split, meaning at least one more squad would have to defect Michelin if a better balance is to be achieved. Sauber/BMW is the only team with an ‘06 contract already in place with the French company.

    Bridgestone, for its part, has never hidden its willingness to have another top team on its camp alongside Ferrari. Paddock sources claim Williams is the most likely candidate, while Toyota is also an outside possibility.
  • [quote]I take it that that that "they" is us?

    It depends who is more pissed off by an inferior? tyre
    Ferrari, Jordan or us??

    If Ferrari jump ship then I doubt Bridgestone would stick (pun) with the two lowest teams?
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