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Mclaren to run third car


McLaren to run third car in 2005?

It would appear that McLaren is to make full use of the 'third car' on Grand Prix Fridays, under the ruling introduced in 2004 in an effort to help the smaller, poorly funded teams.
In the run up to the season finale, there was speculation that McLaren might be content not to finish in the top four in the Constructors' Championship, since this would allow the Woking outfit to take advantage of the ruling.
At the time, McLaren denied that it would run a third car, commenting that the rule was not introduced for the 'big teams', indeed its rivals have said that running a third car would be contrary to the spirit of the regulations.

Now however, McLaren has admitted that it will take advantage of the rule and will run a third car, particularly at circuits where the team feels that it will benefit from the extra mileage.

"As the Team McLaren Mercedes team finished fifth in the
2004 Constructors' World Championship, the FIA regulations allow us to run a third car during Friday's practice," a spokeswoman told Pitpass. "Obviously at races where we consider running a third car will be to the team's advantage, we plan to do so."

Under the rules, only drivers who have competed in less than six Grands Prix in the previous two years are eligible to participate in the sessions, this would apply to both McLaren test drivers, Pedro de la Rosa and Alexander Wurz, even though the Austrian is having problems accommodating his lanky frame in the new MP4-20.


  • Maybe Hakkinen will drive the 3rd car !!!!

    It would be great PR for MacLaren:

    "The only driver capable of consistantly beating M$ is back!!":P
  • Senna is back?

    What's wrong with McLaren doing this? The rules say that anyone but the top 4 teams are allowed to.
  • Yes it is within the rules but the point of this rule was to give the smaller (less well funded) teams some extra track time to get their setup better optimised giving us a fighting chance and closer racing.

    If a team with the budget and resources of Maclaren use this opportunity :-

    1 what chance have smaller teams got???
    2 How long before the rule is withdrawn??
  • F1 is changing. BAR last year was a Toyota. A ton of funding with no results. Now that they're a top team, of course a top team is going to be displaced from the top 4. Even without that third car we're not going to catch McLaren and in return for their miserable year last year, McLaren will now be given some extra leverage against their rivals.

    Be calm, people.
  • Maybe in the next FIA meeting the rule will be amended to "Top 5 teams may not use 3rd car / last 5 teams may use 3rd car" ??!?!?!?
  • Right now it's worded to say that everybody but the top 4. If it said the bottom 6 you'd have problems in 2006 when/if the new teams enter the championship.
  • I say let 'em join in the friday fun.

    Just stay the hell out of our way or GCM may do what he should have 20 years ago.
  • Just stay the hell out of our way or GCM may do what he should have 20 years ago.
    What's that ???

    BTW, any word if Sauber will be taking part with a 3rd car in 2005 ????
  • Pony up the mula and read the section of the GCM/Atlas interview about how he almost kicked Ron D's ass 20 years ago.
  • Pony up the mula
    Don't understand !!
  • So Ron joins the 'track cleaners'! Gotta love him.
  • [quote]Pony up the mula
    Don't understand !! [/quote]

    Pay the US $5.95 to gain access to Atlas and read the story about the near dust up 'tween our man GCM and that turd Ron Dennis.
  • So Ron joins the 'track cleaners'

    Well remembered that man..... somebody gt that of to Ron in an e-mail, or better still, send it to Stoddie so he can hand deliver it to RD at Melbourne. :hehe:
  • Williams and McLaren bosses have said they are unlikely to be given the chance to run a third car in Friday practice next year even if they finish fifth in the Constructors' Championship this season.

    This was published 9/13.
  • PS must make a point of letting the McLaren's "Clean" the track before letting our boys of track.

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