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Lease... your thoughts?

The Hondajet. There's quite a bit of talk about it in the office at the moment, wondering what your thoughts are on the subject. The whole "over the wing" design is pretty obvious isn't it? Will it (though it obviously won't) have legs?

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  • also.. OzJet have moved to Melbourne. Interesting... seems like a more practical decision. The ramification I'm sure are more complex, which undoubtedly you will explain over the coming weeks. Please, try and be succinct. Cheers bud.
  • No doubt there is talk amongst Honda employees, not much elsewhere though.

    This thing is not really intended as a production aircraft. They claim benefits in empenage structure and cabin space but when you consider that the empenage can only be so light in order to take tail loads, and that extra structure still needs to be incorporated in the wing, well, QED.

    What is interesting is that Honda have developed an engine.

    For some little while now, a number of organisations (most notably Eclipse Aviation) have been looking to jets as the new personal/business airplane. There are quite a lot of small/medium business types that operate light aircraft for business purposes. They typically have high powered singles (Bonanza, Mooney), pressurised twins (Baron, Seneca), or pressurised high performance turboprop singles (PC9). These days though, you can't get a super piston single for much less than US$1m, and turboprops can easily run to US$3m.

    Having realised this, some entrepreeurs figured that there was room for a small jet in the 500-1,000 ST range that was relatively cheap. This engine, produced by Williams is the sort of thing you will find in cruise missiles and target drones, etc. So these guys thought well, why not bolt a couple of these things onto a four place airplane and see how much it costs.

    This idea has now progressed to the point where there are around eight 'Very Light Jets' about to hit production at between US$1m, and US$2m a pop.

    I have heard though, that there are significant problems with the off-the-shelf Williams unit that could cause issues. Enter Honda with a 750ST unit that they are busily flight testing on their ugly duckling fuselage and will likely make a lot of money out of.
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