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What spec tyres are we using?

From F1Racing.net
...and that lack of grip continues to plague Ferrari. It is, says team chief Jean Todt, due to a combination of a lack of aerodynamic and mechanical efficiency, and the tyres themselves. "We are the only top team with Bridgestone, so if we would be with the same tyres with another very top team it would be easier to answer, but at the moment we don't know. We sometimes try to compare with Jordan and Minardi, but they don't use the same (specification of) tyres."
So we are getting a second string deal...would the PS05 be faster on Ferrari rubber?


  • Our Club's VP got the word straight from Tilley but it roughly goes like this.

    Minard has to tell B Stone 2 weeks out what rubber - from the available compunds - they want to use. TOIT can wait until one week out and they have a much wider selection of compounds.
  • this is stupid!
  • it was intereting when we had this very discussion at the USGP. The TIOT and us where right next ot each other. I noticed some rather noticable differences in the quality of the tire molds... only noticed because we've done some development work on some goodyear molds. nothing I could explain to anyone...just seemed to be a lower quliaty. Jim and I had an intersting conversation about it there.
  • No new news here. We've been nothing to Bridgestone since day one of the deal. They offer no help outside of supplying tyres. The engineering guys have a hard time even getting up to date simulation models from Bridgestone. No help on setups, suspension geometry.. nothing. Just tyres. Poor ones.
  • SUPER CONSERVATIVE ONES AS WELL. Remember 2 week weather forecasts yadda yadda and the need to finish as a priority....you have to choose from real conservative to mostly conservative.
    You're favourite tyres ??;)
  • So we are getting a second string deal...would the PS05 be faster on Ferrari rubber?
    Would the PS05 be faster on Michelins?! I think yes, and I also think it will make all the difference! The topspeed of the PS05 is great, most of the times we are in the upper part of the tables. Michelin tyres are less conservative (as negativaly shown at the Indy GP) and have awesome grip. Grip, which we lack in cornering and where we lose out on the other teams. I say: Michelins next year!
  • The problem is that Michelin has nothing to gain from giving us tyres. We'll still finish (sadly) at the back so it's useless to them in terms of marketing. We won't be able to provide them with any development feedback. On top of that, they have already fulfilled their obligation to supply up to 60% of the grid. Also to be considered is that it would take a nice bit of spending to prepare the car to use them. I don't think either side really wants it.
  • From a marketing/PR pov i don't understand BStone.
    This year TOIT isn't doing too well and BStone wants more teams in the future!

    If other teams see that Jordan and Minardi are being treated like sh!t, how will they be convinced to switch to BStone ?????

    Also, doesn't BStone to have better average laptimes (over all their supplied teams)??????
    By helping Jordan and Minardi they could raise the laptimes a bit (, especially now that TOIT is slacking) !!!!!
  • I say single tyre supplier, with a firmer compound (more slippery but safer as they won't blow out as much) and 3 types Dry Intermediates and Wets.
    There you go, a vastly improved and more even playing field.
    And less $ burden on teams as less tyres are needed to be produced.

    P.S. Maybe the tyre suppliers could be under
    a 2 year contracts as far as marketing goes.
  • F1 Racing magazine says that Michelin won't touch Minardi because we owe Michelin a sizeable amount of cash from the last supply we had in 2002.

    F1 Racing doesn't always tell the truth, of course...;)
  • Bridgestone could care less about anyone but you know who. Tire wars just plain suck. They do nothing for the racing, mask car deficeintncies or conversly hobble a good one.
  • But it does rev up competition amongst the tire companies who, in return, dev better and better tires. What wins on Sunday sells on Monday.

    Unless you come up with pure crap like OUR supplier. The I go buy Pirelli or Goodyear.

    Please come back oh Mr Wingfoot!
  • It also leads to the subsidizing of teams which is why Minardi gets pure crap. I'd be more open to multiple suppliers if the manufacturers are forced to provide the same rubber to all their teams with limited development in season. But that's another topic.

    Jesus you'd think I'd know how to spell after these 37 years. Deficiencies!

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