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Bruni drops a bombshell!

He has quit Coloni Racing, effective immediately. Reasons are unkown but perhaps linked to the slipping performances.. maybe they were due to his relationship with the team?

Tony Vilander will drive the second Coloni at Monza.

Odd turn of events.


  • Strange - he was sharp at the beginning of the year but he has steadily dropped in the points.

    Best of luck to him.
  • Forgot to point out that this is his home race as well.
  • More odd when you consider it's his home race he's pulled out of.

    Coloni haven't really been strong after the start of this season. Teammate was Mathias Lauda who is, well...not good enough, simply. Possibly the worst driver on the grid (worse than Can Artam and Fauzy, for instance).
  • I just call him Mathias... it's too painful to refer to him as a Lauda.
  • promising at the start, then getting worse until the termination of the contract

    what's french for deja vue?
  • Vilander is looking good..
  • Bruni has been picked up by durango and has scored Pole Position for the Spa long race!
  • I couldn't be arsed to care. I'm no longer a fan.

    Bruni had gotten to the point at Coloni where he had his management instruct the team not to talk to Bruni, aside from his engineer. The reason for the termination of his contract was that he had already signed a deal with Durango to begin racing at Monza.. I can't have any respect for the guy..
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