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The Look of F1 2010?

Hi people,

I have been practising some 3D modelling and I thought I would try to envision the way F1 cars might look in the near future.

I figure that wheel to wheel racing could be made safer by enclosing the wheels in kevlar fenders, and that a canopy should be placed over the drivers head to prevent senna-esque encounters with bits of the car in a bad crash.

So here are some images, while the paintjob looks a bit TOIT-like, this is because the colours show up well in the render, unlike black which obscures detail, nonetheless styling cues come from the current minardi, accordingly I have placed a few graphics on the cars to show some loyalty to the best team. Transreality is my own brand (I can dream of sponsoring minardi!), please excuse some clumsiness, still very much learning.








  • so open wheel goes "bump and grind" in the future? interesting.
  • should make F1 duller and duller to watch with no wheel to wheel close encounters!

    but well done for the 3d job!
  • I agree with Neil
  • you need to write red bull now on the car and put their logo somewhere - or are you envisaging that by 2010, Gian Carlo Minardi will completely buy the team again? How old will the guy be by that time?
  • No, I don't think I'll be transferring my IP to redbull that easily. Maybe this car can operate in a new minardi team in the manafacturers (plus cool privateers) breakaway series. A series with no TOIT, No Bernie, No Mosley and No Redbull.

    ... probably just have to change to michelins is all.

    Neil, my hope is that these cars could really thump each other opening up new fighting techniques, that at the moment result in wheels being torn off, cars flying into the wall, dead drivers and tedious red/yellow flag situations.

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