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Just got an idea: What about turning a short clip for the petition?

The idea: There are so many people on this board who speaks different languages: Italian, English, German, Spain, French,.... and so on.

So everyone could speak the sentence "20 Years of F1-History shall not be destroyed - ForzaMinardi.com - SIGN!" in his mother-language. I would put these audio-files together and will put them in a video-clip which is only showing the Minardi-logo. Maybe with some music, let's see.

Just a spontan idea, but I would like to hear your opinions ;)


  • I think it's great, but I am not a technical person and do not know the know-how of recording voice!:(
  • Than ask a friend, it's really simple, I do almost know nothing about tech-stuff, but if you have a microphone/headset and a computer, it's really easy. ;)
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