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Should Albers have joined earlier?

Last year he refused an F1 offer because he wanted to concentrate on his DTM career
2003 DTM Mercedes, Team HWA (4 wins, at Adria, Nürburgring, Norisring, Zandvoort), runner-up DTM, scored the most victories
2004 DTM Mercedes, Team DaimlerChrysler Bank AMG-Mercedes (1 win, 6 podium finishes), 3rd place overall
It seems to me that wasn't a smart choice...


  • Should Albers have joined earlier?
    The FM.com forum? ;)

    He made the right choice. Any ride he would of got in 2004 would of been a boat.
    Come on, Jordan - sucked, Minardi - sucked, Jag - sucked, everyone else - "fuck off Chris"
    The 2005 Minardi on the other hand is starting to look really exciting (this is our year.... ;))
  • Not to make excuses but I understand that Mercedes put more behind Paffet than Albers...
  • Goedemiddag !

    I'm new here.............

    Although I visited this site/forum many times before, this feels as the right time to step in as a MEMBER. I am not (yet) a big Albers-fan, but as a Dutchman I'm glad he'll be on the starting grid in Melbourne.

    About Albers not joining F1 last year: I.m.h.o. he hoped to find a better (no offense ;) )team than for instance Minardi as a future DTM-champion in 2004.

    Which he failed to be...... :rolleyes:

    Now he's in a hurry to make his F1-dream come true and can be less choosey. His place with the Mercedes DTM-team next season isn't that secure as he would hope.

    As we say in Holland : "better one bird in the hand than ten in the sky"
  • "better one bird in the hand than ten in the sky"
  • Not if you have a semi auto shotgun like a Franchi Spas.
  • if he would have joined this year he would have been anounced as returning to DTM today ;)
  • Welcome to the club Biker !!!!

    Steve, is that you V-fan !?!??!?! :)
  • Biker, I hope you're not gonna be one of those Dutch twats who believes the dutch driver is God. We had enough of that shit with the Verstappen fans...Welcome BTW!
  • Welcome Biker :D
    "better one bird in the hand than ten in the sky"
    Almost like in Germany... better a sparrow in a hand than a dove on the roof.
  • You ferign devils sure do have problems with birds. Poison, traps , shotguns...there are multiple solutions for problems of this sort.

    BTW - welcome Biker and welcome back v fan.
  • Welcome one and all!

    In the UK we prefer shotguns for birds quig, when were're not fox hunting;)
  • It seems we are going to have some good times with more friends on this site from Netherlands! I am positive about Christian, and yes, I think he joined Minardi in the right time.
    Interesting thing you already replaced Bruni at the header already with Christian.
    RJ, YOU are FAST!;)

  • thank you neil, doing what I can

    welcome to our little club, biker!

    Petrol behave, he didn't say anything yet...
  • Benvenuto Biker, welcome aboard.


    Too nice not to post it.
  • yeah, yeah, yeah. As they say at KLM, WELCOM OMBORD or something like that.

    As the hoard arrives, this greeting may be considered retrospective, retroactive, prospective, and of course proactive.

    The only rule is that you must be manic and paaionate to the point of stupidity, and of course you must have a traditional Dutch name, like Hoodatfarten, or Verdego, or Alberbark.
  • This anti-Albers, pro-TDW shit is gonna get real old, real fast - imho.

    [Edited on 24/12/2004 by Clown]
  • It already is............. :mad:
  • TDW is UNEMPLOYED people - and it is his own damn fault.

  • I am worried that Minardi changes the driver/drivers every year.

    It gives new blood but lacks continuity.

    Nobody changes drivers in the same rate as we do.

    Probably this has nothing to do with the team per se but with the drivers themselves, those who are lucky leave with another team, the others leave F1 entirely... also the seats are tied to sponsors and money.
  • why? albers has been a team member since 2001 and the second driver could still be zsolt
  • albers has been a team member since 2001
    He's almost a new Pierluigi Martini ;)
  • [quote] albers has been a team member since 2001
    He's almost a new Pierluigi Martini ;) [/quote]

    Lets not get too carried away, I'm still waiting for a new 'Sandro after Gimmi let me down:(
  • there will be no one else like PLM!
  • Amen to that!
  • Please pay attention the the little world "almost" and the smiley. Thanks ;)
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