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It wasn't me!


I did not vote for her! You can laugh about me, but not blaim me...... what a sad day :(


  • Well thank somebody that thug Schroeder is out of power.Not that I am much of an expert on German politics but any move to the right is a good one IMO.
  • "Any move to the right", Quig?


  • The rights got only about 35%, 10% for the liberal FDP, 8% for the Greens (left), 34% for the Social Democrats and 7% for the new Left-Party (the old SED with a new name).

    And of course, Schröder made mistakes, but he started reforms where others where just siiting on their asses for years (Helmut Kohl!).

    So thank you Gerd

    -for courageus reforms
    -for modern famaily-politics
    -for an economy which works with the environment
    -for creating the most exporting country
    -for a NO to the war in Iraq

    [Edited on 10/10/2005 by Homer]
  • for an economy which works with the environment
    though not with the working environment :hehe:
  • I wonder how long this coalition will stay alive. I dislike Gerd for being so loud and having such a big EGO (as if he was the president of the USA ;), but the poltics of CDU/CSU I dislike even more. What a marriage....

    Despite all the achievements Homer managed to sum up, Germany has a long way to go. I hope sincerely that the politicians will shove away their antipathies and will work together in a pragmatic way. A lot of people have lost their faith in politics, it's time they are proved wrong!
  • Stoiber and Müntefering announced today that Merkel does not have the right to lead the gourvernment and everybody will be equal. There you go - she is a chancelor without any special rights. She will be controlled by Müntefering and Stoiber.
  • she doesn't look as good in that photo as she did on the billboard campaign photos' Is this an indication of the misdirection to come? Or is she more friendly to necessary and hard reform of the current policy that will be necessary to bring Germany back to the level of competition that it was at prior to the fall of the wall?:rolleyes:
  • As you know, I never comment on Germans or Germany because it can descend into crude stereotyping and I von't start now, mein Fuhrer, Achtung! Achtung! Schnell, RAUS ENGLISCHER, for you ze var is OVER.

    Oh yes, we all enjoy moves to the right in Berlin.
  • viges, you really gotta be more clear. say what you really mean
  • I shall quote a great man in reply to Viges

    "I mentioned the war but I think I got away with it"
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