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What if....

Rumour has it that GCM would get a key-role in the New TDTSNBN-team. So what woukd you guys do if they change the name but GCM would still be with the team AND in a much higher position? I know it's only speculation but I think it'S a realistic scenario.

Would Forza stay online, RJ?

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  • Grandprix.com rumours other names:
    And the new Minardi boss is...
    There are reports in the German media that the new team principal of the Minardi team - soon to be renamed - the Red Bull Rookie team is going to be BMW's Franz Tost.

    The team will be guided by Dietrich Mateschitz's right hand man Dany Bahar. However he has little hands-on experience as a racing team organiser and has other things to worry about as well as he is also believed to be looking after the Salzburg soccer team which Mateschitz recently acquired.

    There have been lots of rumours about other high profile people such as Gerhard Berger, Niki Lauda, Helmut Marko and Gunther Steiner but it seems that Red Bull want a lower profile name so that the publicity surrounding the team is about Red Bull rather than about the team principal

    Tost is currently employed as Track Operations Manager of BMW Motorsport in Munich. Tost started out as a mechanic at the Walter Lechner Racing School at the Salzburgring. He went on to compete at Formula 3 level on occasion in 1983, 1984 and 1985, initially with the school team but later running his own Ralt-Volkswagen. His best result was a seventh place although he scored better results in under-subscribed Austrian F3 events.

    One of his rivals at the time was Willi Weber and after a period running an operation called Vienna Racing in 1993, which ran Peter Kox, Tost joined Weber's WTS operation and oversaw the team's successes in the years that followed in 1988 with Joachim Winkelhock, in 1990 with Michael Schumacher, 1992 with Pedro Lamy and 1993 with Jos Verstappen. One of his the major rivals at the time was Helmut Marko's RSM Marko Racing. Marko is now a Red Bull consultant. Tost went on to work for Weber Management, overseeing the career of Ralf Schumacher and acting as his personal manager before moving to BMW Motorsport in June 2000.
  • I'm not going to watch F1 with Minardi gone but I can easily say he'll have a reputation of Tosser even if he's successful by the end of the year.

    I see he's worked with 2 ex Minardi drivers though.
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