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Just a thought

The web address www.squadrotororosso.com is not taken yet. What if we all put in and bought the domain name (it wouldn't cost much) and link it to ForzaMinardi.com?

That'd have to give Red Bull the shits! :D


  • They doesn't care...

    ps: check the tororosso.it domain
  • That's because it should be www.squadrAtororosso.com !!!:P
  • Reddbull have registered ti :(

    domain: tororosso.it
    org: Red Bull GmbH
    org-unit: Am Brunnen 1
    org-unit: Fuschl am See AT 5330
    admin-c: DH217-ITNIC
    tech-c: DT700-ITNIC
    postmaster: DT700-ITNIC
    zone-c: DT700-ITNIC
    nserver: a4.nstld.com
    nserver: f4.nstld.com
    nserver: g4.nstld.com
    nserver: l4.nstld.com
    mnt-by: GDS-MNT
    created: 20050921
    expire: 20060921
    source: IT-NIC

    person: Dagmar Hermanek
    address: Am Brunnen 1
    address: Fuschl am See
    address: AT a-5330
    nic-hdl: DH217-ITNIC
  • have a giggle ad check forzatororosso.com
  • have a giggle ad check forzatororosso.com

    Under construction.......RJ have you defected??? lol
  • most certainly not...

    no i meant: check it in a domain registry like this one here (to see who owns it)

  • RJ i think we have them rattled !!!:o

    Red Bull GmbH
    Am Brunnen 1
    Fuschl am See, AT 5330


    Administrative Contact:
    Hermanek, Dagmar domains@at.redbull.com
    Am Brunnen 1
    Fuschl am See, AT a-5330
    +43.66265827201 Fax: +43.66265827011
  • That one kinda settles it for me.
    To go the the point of registering forzatororosso.com so the fm.com can't, clearly shows red bull don't want us as fans.

    BTW: RJ, fire this info off to pitpass.
  • registered on September the 20th, the same day they registered squadratororosso.com, 7 days after the start of the petition...
  • This does not give me a warm and fuzzy for the long term.
  • who is the CEO of RB, Kim Jiong Ill?


    "Oh no, its Hans Blix!"

    [Edited on 20/10/2005 by TasM]
  • in order to prevent that they steal anymore ideas from us, I have made the boards strictly members only. it won't be able to view them without logging in/being a member i hope this doesn't cause you any problems
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