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Ice Hockey WC 2005

Just found out that the Ice Hockey World Championships will be held in Austria with loads of games in my home town. Canada will play here as will the US team and the Swedes.

The catch? I won't be here! :(



  • Thanks for reminding me that I've been without hockey all year.
  • No hockey is sucking, at least in Houston we dont have an NHL team, just minor league AHL. Still haven't had a chance to catch a game this season though.
  • Its hockey seasaon?

    All I know is that when hockey ends baseball, a real sport, starts.
  • baseball a real sport???

    It's the most mine numbingly boring thing ive ever seen. its just rounders with bigger bats.
  • Its hockey seasaon?

    All I know is that when hockey ends baseball, a real sport, starts.

    It would be hockey season if they weren't on strike. Now you can't gauge when baseball season starts since you don't know when hockey season ends. Unless you have a calender.

    Also down with the St. Loius Cardinals!
  • the loss of hockey is tragic....Im just pissed america loss to the Russians at the World Junior's! as a huge fantasy sport geek, what the hell am i gonna do until baseball season???? fantast Basketball isnt enough!

    down with the St Louis Cardinals?? shut your pie hole you bone headed Beltran-less Astro lover...sorry im from St. Louis i gotta rub it in!

    i hate name calling, it must be the lack of hockey.

    Is there any sort of Forzaminardi based fantasy sport leagues beyond racing? it would be fun to do baseball, football, and evetually hockey with fellow minardi enthusiasts!

    We should do a
  • Let's be serious.

    Baseball, Cricket, Rugby, and what's that other thing called.........Soccer? At least they are real sports that involve tactics, strategy and a genuine struggle to achieve a score.

    Basketball and Ice Hockey............get real. Individual skills to be certain, but how can anyone stay interested. They're a joke. Field Hockey is a game one only watches at Olympics time and yet it is ten times more interesting than that Ice Crap.

    Even 10-tonne Chess (otherwise known as American Football) has a point to it - even if they can't sustain more than 15 seconds of activity between breathers.
  • and what's that other thing called.........Soccer?
    As of Jan 1, in Australia Soccer changed it's name: Football.

    check out www.footballaustalia.com.au
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