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Tredozi has started the design of the new STR car.

The team is facing the same problem as Super Aguri and they don't expect a positive decision from the FIA using the RB1 so that's why Tredozi has started with the new design in the begiining of november. The team will still use the V10 (not sure if other teams will allow that). They will use the windtunnel at Casumaro, near Faenza because the STR team can't use the RB windtunnel.
Hopefully they can do a shake down in February.

Let's see what they are able to design with more money! It is basicly still the same staff so they get my support.

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  • I hope your right vuurmuur - it would be great to see tredozi designing another car!

    As far as I am aware, teams can run restricted V10s for 2006 & 2007 :-

    4. Engine (2006)

    2.4 litre V8 (90º) with maximum bore diameter, fixed cylinder spacing, minimum crankshaft centre line height, minimum weight and minimum height of centre of gravity. Direct fuel injection, variable geometry inlet systems, variable geometry exhaust systems, variable valve timing and variable valve lift systems all prohibited. Only one spark plug, one coil and one injector per cylinder. Exotic materials banned.

    5. Other engines

    During 2006 and 2007, teams which cannot obtain a 2.4 litre engine will be able to use a 3 litre V10 with power restricted by means of a rev limit fixed by the FIA.

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  • Well the thing is that the stewards in Bahrain might be the ones who are left to decide whether Minardi could have obtained a V8 or not.

    Great to hear they've kept Gabriel there. I'm confident that he won't dissapoint.

    Also, that's a Fondmetal wind tunnel from what I remembered. Pretty sure Renault were renting it as well.
  • This is really good news. Tredozi deserves a chance!
  • Just wonder if Newey will have any part of this since Tredozi is not originally an aerodynamicist. At least he could learn a thing or two.

    Anyways good luck Tredozi!
  • Tilley has experience in aero work and I believe Paul hired an ex Toyota/Ferrari guy a while back.
  • Just something in the rules I noticed.
    teams which cannot obtain a 2.4 litre engine
    Would the extra money an d backing from Red bull mean that STR would need to find a V8?

    If not that could be the reason to run the teams so seperate.

  • Even if they have the money it is too late, it is now impossible to get V8 engines from any manufacturer.
  • I'm almost positive that Cosworth would *love* to lease V8's instead of continuing to rebuild the V10 for STR.

    Again, if the FIA doesn't clarify and do it soon, thus leaving it to the stewards at Bahrain... well, it could be a bit of a bad situation for Red Bull.
  • Even if they have the money it is too late, it is now impossible to get V8 engines from any manufacturer.
    Money can always change a situation, I'm sure Cosworth would supply them with V8's for more money.
  • I agree. I think Cosworth could supply the V8's so there is nothing in the rules that would 'allow' STR to continue with V10's. They have the money and the supplier.
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