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Faenza - Moving to UK??

I read in F1 magazine (Dec) that RBR is building a new mega mart factory in the UK to house both STR and RBR.

We all know what this means for our little factory in Italy.

Maybe this is what GCM was talking about when he said this is not the end of Minardi? Or that Stoddardt himself said he'll be back?

We'll wait and see. I feel bad for the boys and girls in Faenza.


  • If Paul starts up, will everone join him and should the
    webstite be renamed....ForzaStoddardt?

    Maybe the car could be shaped like a ciagarette with
    smoke billowing out one end???
  • Hasn't that idea already been tried, Piston? Like the Jordan Honda's? ;)

    Assuming that Stoddart does buy the Faenza factory back, I would support the team if Gian Carlo is a part of it.
  • Surely if Red Bull have given the name and logo back to GCM would he not be the obvious one to take over the factory in 2008?

    New Concorde agreement, New Minardi same team!:D
  • I read about Red Bull facilities at the A1 Ring on Grandprix.com:
    There is also talk of a major motorsport facility for all Red Bull operations being built at the A1 Ring where eventually the various teams could be consolidated in a place.
  • wow, it a real "world ends at 8 film at 11" scene!
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