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Brunner leaves Toyota

Will we see him back at Faenza???

According to the F1 grapevine, Toyota's chief designer Gustav Brunner has left the team.

The 55-year-old F1 veteran has worked at Cologne since the Japanese marque entered grands prix in 2002, but is thought to have not got along with technical director Mike Gascoyne since the Briton arrived late in 2003.

It is speculated that Brunner, who switched to Toyota from Minardi in the summer of 2001, did not leave voluntarily. In addition, no information is available as to a future employ for the Austrian.


  • Ciao Gustav. I don't think we'll be seeing him back in F1.
  • who knows?
  • Would not be shocked to see him back at Faenza. The new owners are looking to promote Austria and it's finest citizens.

    Would he not be the highest profile Austrian designer?
  • Oz - you and I MUST be from the same cloth. But will RB do the right thing.....?
  • Would not be shocked to see him back at Faenza. The new owners are looking to promote Austria and it's finest citizens.
  • I for one would not be surprised to see him back at Faenza. Not withstanding the Austrian connections, he already knows the staff. In addition he would bring a plethora of information from Toyota!
  • I think he's a certainty to end up back at Faenza, like him or not he penned some handy little chassis for Minardi. With a reasonable budget and the expertise of the boys and girls at Faenza don't be surprised it the car goes well. Just a pity the GCM won't be there with his name over the garage.

    Quig, when you say things like that I get a little scared. lol It's appeciated, but a little scary. ;)
  • Handy? If I'm not mistaken in 2002 Minardi had the worst worst worst engine ever (2 years old Cosworths that were ordinary even in 2000, Stewart used it then, it was underpowered and unrealiable. Two years after it was also way heavier than the rest). Minardi's race pace (qualifying without qualif engines were even harder) then was, considering the engine, just miraculous. That chassis was a miracle. I hope I'm not confusing the years... but it was something like that.
  • Brunner will not return to Faenza - STR quoted in Autosport.
  • nuvolari... you're two years ahead

    2000 minardi used an engine built in 1998 but still did very well
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