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Wurz to WIlliams

Insurance for either Webber or more likely Rosberg.

If Rosberg doesn't fire he'll most probably go to tester with Wurz Driving.

Good move by Frank. Looks like they are swiched on for 2006. Although with Alonso being signed for McLaren, it makes sense that Wurz went sniffing.

I can name a source but it is all over the web now.


  • great move by Williams, and a very important move too showing the sponsors that Williams aren't the new Jordan.

    Sorry Narain, maybe you can slot into Midland somewhere if Pastorelli fucks up his finances.
  • must be quite frustrating for wurz being ranked second to rosberg, don't think he'll get to drive a lot.

    he's not too bad, he can be quite good on a good day, just like dc and ralf
  • Insurance option for Rosberg I feel. What were they doing testing Kartikheyan anyway?
  • The folding stuff.
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