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Ok been back a while now from the States and had a nightmare moving house where everything that went wrong....went wrong. Just done an assignment for open university too, but now I'm back.
Great to meet up with ya at the Hall Of Fame it was a great place and I've nearly read that book ya bought me!!!
Bengals won the game against the Giants I went to see that following weekend, only by a point and they were lucky, but a win is a win. I got lucky and was offered a club seat on the 50 yard line sitting with Mike Brown's (Bengals owner) wife sitting behind me, then went with her and some other people to dinner.....great day!
Now the Bengals have'nt had a losing season for two years, things are looking up after beating Philadelphia at the weekend.... Roll on the playoffs!! All the best!


  • Did my friends in the TSA introduce you to Mr latex Glove?
  • Thank god they did'nt Emmitt.......But there were some real assholes there in Chicago when I connected from London...

    I was questioned fingerprinted etc. The questioning was a joke.

    TSA: 'So sir, what brings you to America?'

    Me : 'I'm here to watch two Cincinnati Bengals matches, I'm a season ticket holder'

    TSA : '...and how does that make sense to you?'

    Er........how the fuck did he want me to answer thatone? Asshole!

    [Edited on 8/1/2005 by StoddieBasher]
  • Hey Matt

    Glad to see that ya made it home safe & sound...I take it that you were`able to smuggle evrything through customs without too many problems. And I see that ya moved out of the endzone to the high rollers box.....I guess vino & caviar of the luxary box won out over watching those offensive line splits with the peons in the endzone.....hahaha! !!! Good for you.....

    Bengals have turned the corner, I do believe. Just think, in about 20 years or so they will probably double their number of enshrinees at the HOF......... course, that would give them......2 ?

    It was great hooking up with you.......too bad we won'y be seing ya at Imola in April.......take care

  • Murph - I figured you would have knocked some sense..I mean helped Matt get his priorities straight.

  • Well I had to think about going in the club seats Murph to tell ya the truth. I was scared that it would be full of corporate people, but I was assured that the people up there would be quite rowdy as well....so I said 'what the hell' and went up there....ooo a lovely padded seat too.
    I went to my seat first of all to leave a note for the guys I had met the week before and my seat was under 3 foot of snow!!!!
    A wise choice in the club seat as it was under the overhang of the stadium and thus there was no snow....did'nt stop my feet turning to ice though!!
    Yeah got my stuff here ok, I did'nt take that much really, well no more than any normal holiday maker might bring back i guess as souveneirs. I bought a Palmer shirt on the sunday so got that and the Chad Johnson shirt so I'm more than happy. All the best mate

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