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'Pepsi to buy RedBull'

PepsiCo are willing to buy Redbull for 5.6 billion euro's. If this happens the future for both RB teams are uncertain. According to rumours they are not very keen to continue the sponsorship.

Another takeover in just a short time. Maybe 4 cars will disappear from the grid.


  • Pepsi are welcome to it - Dam Mormons deserve it.

    (this comment was not a religious slur on the Mormon Faith so nobody burn the Irish embassy in Salt Lake City ok.......)
  • Catholics are not allowed in Utah.
  • how can the mormons own pepsi if their religion outlaws caffeine? i guess that's a bit of an urban myth, besides pepsico is based in NY.

    they would never sponsor anything apart from nascar. if they had an extra dollar to spend, it would go into nascar. that would definitely mean the end of red bull's f1 adventure
  • If 4 cars pull out, F1 will possibly gain a Dave Richard's Prodrive, Penske, and Gerhard Berger team if cost cutting measures work in '08. So then F1 will still be up 2 cars, and hopefully 4 cars if GCM can make a Minardi return.
  • Sounds like shit to me.

    5.6 Billion Euros; 6.7 billion US dollars??!!

    Given that last year's sales were of the order of 1.2 billion US dollars, and given that it doesn't have an asset (being essentially a management company) to its name, and given that there is not a word on the airwaves about any such interest on the part of Pepsi, I think it IS shit.

    I have a theory about Utah that revolves around a missing consonant. Somewhere in the dim past, there was a territory that the locals called Futah, or Hutah, or Cutah, or more in keeping with the accent, Nutah. Somehow, during the chaotic organisation of statehood, the consonant was left out, and the strident but distant protests of the residents wasn't enough to get it reinstated. The theory can be expanded in a Life of Brian kind of way to suggest that after the intial confusion, some opportunists tried to put forward new consonants more in keeping with their personal tastes, which all served to muddy the already unclear waters.

    So Utah it was, and that lead to another curious phenomenon. Upon arriving at the border, the second wave of settlers turned to their navigators and said 'so where are we?' 'Ootah' would reply the navigator. 'Doesn't sound very encouraging' would be the general opinion. 'What's the big town called?' they would ask. 'Er...Salt Lake' the reply. 'Wagons Ho!' and another potential group would be lost to the giddy attractions and fertile soils of Nevada and beyond.

    This of course lead to the arrival of the mormons who took one look around and thought 'Man there's heaps of us and almost none of them - and most of them seem to be paralised by some sort of consonant schism - we gonna own dis joint!' and the rest is the way things happenned.
  • Funny thing is my Father's cousin Tony Gibbons Father was the Mayor of Park City waaaaaaay back when. Irish Catholic of course. I'm sure that sets some sort of record.

    Any pictures of Jed Smith out there?

    BTW - I would have thought that with the profit margin that RB has on each and every drink sold THEY would be the one who would be taking over pepsi!
  • Gerhard Berger bought 50% of STR! How long will it take for Audi/VW to step in?
  • does anyone have the original link on this Press release? current status? help me out... I shared this info with some rather disgruntled Red Bull ex-employees and they where up in arms...seems that the company line was "we will never sell to..." let alone Pepsi. share em if ya got em.
  • All I know it was printed in the Austrian magazine 'News'. But other websites mentioned it was a American magazine. But I think it is the first. (i'm not talking about the redbull press release).

    I haven't found the orignal RedBull press release. Sorry about that.
    Hope it helps.

    [Edited on 16/2/2006 by vuurmuur]
  • Sorry, which press release ? Pepsi / RB or Berger / STR ?

    As for the first, RB stated that it has no truth at all and RB is not for sale.

    Berger: There was an interview with him on German site f1total.com
    about the STR deal. In return. RB gets a stake in his transport business
    and uses it to distribute RB cans etc., in Europe:


    These guys are playing with a corpse called Minardi ;(
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