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Tragical Dakar

Yesterday the Spaniard Perez, today the Italian Fabrizio Meoni died (hearth attack after a crash in Mauritania).

Black period for rally raids (another big star, Rishard Sainct, had died in October at the Rally of Pharaos).

My condolences to the families of the deceased, but probably rids are again passing the limit.


  • Every death is tragic. Therefor also my condolences to family and friends. It also makes clear how dangerous the ralleye-sport is. There is a fine line between exciting and dangerous and sometimes boring (F1) but safe.
    As a race-fan I like sensational races (and yes, sometimes that includes sensational crashes) but as a soundminded (I hope) person, I can understand why those specteclar scenes are rare in F1 nowadays. So be it.
  • My condolences to the families as well.

    Maybe Dakar will wise up now. The event is supposed to be survival of the fittest (cars) not race to the end.
  • They were both on motorcycles...
  • :( :P

    To the defense of M2002 : Cars was wriiten as "(cars)" so you could also read only "fittest"
  • very sad, meoni was a legend, and he was such a nice peeson... :(
  • Thanks biker.

    I know they were on bikes. I forgot to put bikes and trucks in the bracket as well.
  • My point though was that you can't make bikes any safer.
  • Well you can ditch this race.

    Don't they mark the passing of each Pris/Dakar with the passing away of competitors?
  • They knew the odds when they entered the race.

    I suppose the Isle of Man TT should be called off then...
  • Absolutely.

    Any race where the consequence of a fall is crashing through someone's front door is not a sensible proposition; no matter how much history it has.
  • I think races should be killed once people stop entering them.

    [Edited on 13/1/2005 by Jello_Biafra]
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