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New Aero Super Cucu

Just saw the pictures of the new aero package of the Cucumbers...its the 'regulations applied with not getting it all together' style that reminds me of our little team last year.... tech guys elaborate


  • Ho hum. Couldn' they at least have added some flames or something to the scheme?
  • Ho hum. Couldn' they at least have added some flames or something to the scheme?

    Ya, like we need another red and white car on the grid.
  • Aero looks clean, although I have my doubts about the dual-plane front wing, especially considering it's similar to that on the A23, and lacks the detail of other teams '06 challengers.

    I still like the look of those big keels under the tip of the nose, which has been lowered from the A23. Also note the top edges of the sidepods are a heck of a lot bigger than the A23 - probably more of a crash test thing than an aero improvement.
  • Isn't this only an interim measure for the first 3 races?

    Then a totally new car for the rest of the season?

    Still, a very plain scheme.
  • what a pity...
  • The colours resemble Aguri's old Footwork ;)
  • I like the Aero package and the Team. At least you know that Sato will be pushing the limit although maybe not finishing.

    The Honda package blew away everyone today at Valencia. It is amazing that the track record was smashed by a 1/2 second with a V8. Toyota 4 seconds off pace.


  • It doesn't even look that bad. Amazing.
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