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2005 car.

Did I miss anything, or is Stoddie really allowed to use the entire 2004 package in the beginning of 2005 ?
Or is it just the chassis-engine combination with new aeropackage according to the new rules ?



  • 2004 chassis
    2005 aero
    2005 engine

    Until Imola.
  • I understood that the 2005 engine did not fit in the 2004(2003) chassis ?


    FAENZA, ITALY, November 15, 2004

    Following today’s news concerning the ownership of Cosworth Racing, the Minardi F1 Team is pleased to confirm that it will be supplied with the Cosworth TJ engine in 2005. Due to the timing of the announcement, however, the team will be seeking to operate its 2004 car and engine package for the first three races of the new season.

    So it's
    2004 chassis
    2005 aero
    2004 engine

    Until Imola ??

  • Nobody ?

  • I'd like to reply, but I don't know the answer myself !!!!

    Maybe someone can enlighten us ??
  • Recently, when Christijan was presented PS said that the 2004 Minardi will be supplied with the 2005 engine and aeropackage and will be used in the first three races..
  • Did he say that at the press conference ? Must have missed it ...

  • Yeah he did I recall. Also 1 engine must last 2 races, and Imola is round 4.
  • It would be possible to launch the car in Imola if the PS04B/C uses the TJ. The only reason TOIT are waiting another race is because the engine will differ between the F2004 and the F2005.
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