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IMOLA Safe Until 2009

From F1 Racing.net

The San Marino Grand Prix will be held in Imola until 2009 the Major of Imola said. "We came to an agreement with Ecclestone," Massimo Marcignoli said after meeting with Ecclestone in London.

There have been rumours that the 'Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari' was not able to finance the Formula One race again. Another problem would be the old pitboxes at the track. But in the upcoming five seasons Imola has secured their Formula One deal with Ecclestone.

The 2005 San Marino Grand Prix will be held April 24th according to the FIA's provisional calendar.

Okay gang this is step one in the planning stages of the Minardi Invasion of Imola. Lets move on to the next step!


  • Good news:D

    We're definatley on for next year then.

    Whats with the change in ID quig? there's already enough confusion on the proper mode of address for you;)
  • Definately as long as Mrs. MCSF does not keep my nuts in a jar!

    The name - my machine at work still had equigley as the default login so thats the reason. No facty, fifi etc for me.
  • Silverstone is safe as well until 2009, BRDC and Ecclestone found the final agreement today.

    You were right RJ, British GP survived. And this is good news for F1.
  • RJ? What about ME? I called it as well.

    The thanks I get.....
  • You were right RJ, British GP survived. And this is good news for F1.
    I don't get excited by headlines that quickly you know
  • Sorry Quig, I acknowledge you called that as well!:D
  • I M O L A

    2 4 T H A P R I L 2 0 0 5

    R A D U N O
    F O R Z A M I N A R D I . C O M

    B E T H E R E
  • good call, salvo! (see pub section)
  • Its good that imola is staying on the calender. Anti Clockwise tracks like imola and interlagos add a something different to the calender.

    Speaking of anti clockwise tracks does anyone know what the new turkish gp track looks like???
  • 6 marzo: GP Australia
    20 marzo: GP Malesia;
    3 aprile: GP Bahrain;
    24 aprile: GP San Marino;
    8 maggio: GP Spagna;
    22 maggio: GP Monaco;
    29 maggio: GP Europa;
    12 giugno: GP Canada;
    19 giugno: GP Stati Uniti;
    3 luglio: GP Francia;
    10 luglio: GP Gran Bretagna;
    24 luglio: GP Germania;
    31 luglio: GP Ungheria;
    21 agosto: GP Turchia;
    4 settembre: GP Italia;
    11 settembre: GP Belgio;
    25 settembre: GP Brasile;
    9 ottobre: GP Giappone;
    16 ottobre: GP Cina.
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