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What is the World Coming to When...

you can't dress up like a NAZI and go out for a few drinks?




  • We've got 50 years of headlines in this boy. Good to see he has his grandfather's genes in that he doesn't give a shit.

    Heard an ex-Army officer saying Harry is thick so he won't fit in at Sandhurst (the Royal Military Academy); in fact, he'll fit in fine.
  • It's a shame - it's an insult for all those who died in the second world war because of Hitler's madness!
  • Probably the same education and level of intelligence as a certain S_M :spank:

    What an ***hole !!
  • C'mon, where have all your sense of humours gone? :rolleyes:

    If he was anyone but the Prince, would anyone care?

    We've all wanted to dress up like a Nazi bigwig at some point. ;)

    And what are the British needing an 8 page supplement telling them how to pullout of an Ibiza whore for? And you just call an agency to do the booking! :hehe: ;)

    [Edited on 17/1/2005 by MinardiP1]
  • C'mon, where have all your sense of humours gone?
    :rolleyes::o You must be joking................:(
  • Not joking at all. You euros get all serious whenever Hitler is mentioned, maybe it's a euro thing passed on from your parents and their parents ....... I dunno.

    In Australia, people just kinda roll their eyes at this type of political correctness.

    So he wore a Nazi costume from a costume shop - big deal - he's a kid, let him be a kid. Maybe it's not in the best taste considering he's royalty, but really, if he wasn't the prince, would anyone bat an eyelid?
  • In Australia, people just kinda roll their eyes at this type of political correctness.
    Ah, that's why they call it "Down Under"
  • :rolleyes:

    If comedy involving Nazis is in such bad taste, how does one explain TV series like Allo Allo & Hogan's Heroes? Both were massively popular in Australia, and i'd say England and the US too. Weren't they shown in non-English speaking countries?

    I'm guessing 'no'.
  • So the prince is a comedian?

    I guess next week he'll be wearing a surfer-outfit saying "Awesome !! Waiting for the next tsunami !!!" ?

    That would be funny:mad:
  • Biker, do you think of something like that?


    However, my father always told me: There are people in this world who are just stupid. Make jokes about them or ignore them, but they aren't worth to become angry about.
  • :o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o

    Wow, my nightmare becomes true.............

    What about my dreams ? ;);)
  • In Australia, people just kinda roll their eyes at this type of political correctness.
    No P1 we mostly think like this. Who really gives a monkey's? Does anyone REALLY think he is a neo-nazi? No! Do other people wear uniforms like this to 'themed' evenings ....yes....Why can't he have a good time? These Jews and ex war vets need to get a life and start worrying about what really matters in the world.........
    So if he went as the devil to a Halloween party would he be a Satanist...? Bloody ridiculous. This world has gone totally P.C mad!!!!

    On another note can i remind you why we are still walking about as a free nation in the UK and did'nt get invaded by Hitler earlier? Yes it was cos our Monarchy has German roots..........If he had invaded earlier, Britain would not have been prepared and we would have been easily invaded........so thank the German monarchy we have here!!! Ha ha!

    [Edited on 18/1/2005 by StoddieBasher]
  • Matt: If Hitler hadn't been so stupid as to invade Russia whilst still fighting you guys, thus creating 2 fronts (and giving Italy far too much credit as a fighting nation, 3rd front imminent!)... Britain would now be under German occupation.

  • Funnily enough I wasn't watching that avatar.
    What happens if I watch the other one for long enough?:P
  • You might end up with a messy monitor... :hehe:;)
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