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Funny article to come out of Australia...

Taken from www.sniffpetrol.com


The world of Formula 1 was rocked last night by news that the Schumacher brothers had used the Australian Grand Prix to carry out a remarkable prank on the entire paddock. F1 fans were initially baffled by the siblings' relative performance in the race which saw Michael Schumacher driving his Ferrari erratically and getting overtaken, whilst younger brother Ralf enjoyed a storming race and brought his Toyota home in third place. The bemusement was heightened when Michael eventually crashed his car and then ran straight into the Toyota pit, apparently by mistake. Now it seems this was no mistake but a simple slip which gave away the truth that the Schumacher brothers had actually swapped places as part of an elaborate April Fool's joke!
"Despite appearances, such as the appearance of being from Germany, the Schumachers are actually keen practical jokers," admitted one insider. "Given the date on Saturday they decided this would be the perfect weekend to switch seats. Amazingly, no one noticed at first, even when 'Michael' was overtaken by Liuzzi's Toro Rosso and then smacked the car into the wall, while 'Ralf' drove a blinder, passed loads of people, and finished third". F1 spies say that the brothers were so keen to pull off the ruse they even agreed that Michael would make a Ralf-ish school boy error like breaking the pit lane limit and incurring a drive through penalty. After successfully deflecting any suspicion with this cunning set-up, Ralf almost gave the game away when, having destroyed his brother's Ferrari, he ran into the 'wrong' garage to change back into his Toyota overalls, but not before Michael finished the race and ran off to hide in the loo, allowing his brother to take to the podium.
Of course, this isn't the first time F1 has enjoyed an hilarious driver switching jape. For example, during his time at Williams Joan Pablo Montoya was repeatedly switched for a fat sweaty oaf whilst for several years Jacques Fucking Villeneuve's car has actually been occupied by a twat with baggy overalls and a silly voice who should have cleaned up the 1997 championship way earlier than he did.



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