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FM.com JRs

A while ago we had lots of threads about forzaminardi.com juniors. Is everything alright with them?? How are they getting on with a F3000 team to support?


  • Go here:

    http://www.minardiusa.com/index.htm and scroll down to the different events and you will get a better idea.
  • i think he's referring to the children born from forza members, no?
  • Ella is just nine months and recently held forth about the lunacy of the return to tyre pit-stops. She also had some interesting insights about front-wing endplate flip-ups. Mostly, she enjoys clapping when TOIT has problems.

    Thanks for asking. Never fear, she'll always be a Minardi girl.

    BTW should we not talk about Silverstone in August? PLM will be there and, as far as I know, so will Minardi F3000.
  • James is great he's nearly 20 months now.

    He's a very physical child loves climbing and getting around.

    He loves his wheely bug

    and his trike - so racing potential is there. :)
    His speech is limited to Daaaa daaa, Maa maa, Ack Ack (duck), Oooh Ooof (Dog) so not really in a position to report handling problems or tyre wear, but he'll get there ;)

    Offspring No. 2 is growing and should be with us early August.
  • Carla is coming up to 11 months and walking well but some of her steering inputs to the walker resemble a certain Mr Massa..........

    I think she has an excellent theoretical understanding of driving basics and as soon as she can reach the pedals will be off, which shouldn't be too long now:D

    Don't know about clapping TOIT misfortunes but we don't like the nasty silver cars.
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