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come on guys !!!



  • Well there's one man on Schui's side.
  • I really don't think the Steward's will penalise Schui, it's not something that can be easily proved. But seeing the replay from a couple of angles and the on-board shot, it looked very casual... not like someone really doing everything possible to make it through...

    I believe you when you say Alonso didn't slow down, I'd expect that from someone like him.
  • I'd expect it from any top F1 shoe. They can thread a needle with their cars - unless you are Massa - so he was just doing his job.
  • gooooooooo webbo!!! ;-)
  • Ah, Schumi....talent to throw away, and no understanding of the meaning or philosophy of sport whatsoever. And the usual lies afterwards too. What a worthless worm!

    Neil, snap out of it, man! New Ferrari are no more Italian than the other grandees - their signature qualities of cynicism and greed are entirely international. You don't have to defend the indefensible - repudiate the reprehensible.
  • Hey James tell webbo great job. That Plonker MS did a great job in ensuring he got pole. I screamed at the TV when he created the ROAD BLOCK. Go Alonso, Mark and anyone else this sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Silverghost man you sai it right on!!!!!!!!!!!

    Michael Schumacher did not deliberately run wide and stall his engine in order to safeguard pole position at Monaco, Ferrari's Ross Brawn says.

    As the wave of controversy gathers momentum in the Monte Carlo paddock, the technical director told 'RTL' television in Germany that the red-clad driver 'simply lost control' of his car.

    Ya Right@***@*$£"

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  • Well I wouldn't have believed it, but the FIA have penalised Schui and sent him to the back of the Grid.

    Guess what boys...We have an ALL MINARDI FRONT ROW!!

    Go Webbo!!!
  • I would change my signature from STR sucks to Flavio Briatore sucks!
    His pressure on the F1 governing body is immense and everyone is licking him!
    Still I would say go Webbo - he is a great guy!
    Alonso still shot past Schumy's stalled car - everyone could have seen that. There was ample space for a car to pass. Alonso's time was not penalised at all.
  • It simply would not have been right for a car that stalled, crashed or just parked blocking others during qualifying run to win pole.

    Well done to the stewards for applying common sense.
  • Alonso still shot past Schumy's stalled car - everyone could have seen that. There was ample space for a car to pass. Alonso's time was not penalised at all.
    Neil - Alonso was already qualified second - that last qually lap didn't improve nor demote him.

    I disagree with you on whether he lifted - he was 3 tenths up after the second sector of that lap yet finished 4 tenths down..... i'd say that proves he lifted, if only a little, and Schumi's car and the yellow flags had baulked him.
  • He didn't seem he lifted from the camera view, but if you have the times, then it can be, even for some split seconds.

    Anyway, its over now, Alonso got the win, and Schumy got fifth place which for Monaco to have when starting from the pits is impressive.

    I hope there is no controversy on this!

    Forza Ferrari, The ONLY Italian team left on the grid.
  • Hi everyone - sorry I had computer problems in Monaco plus lots of sponsors so wasn't able to login.

    That was a hugely dissapointing end to the weekend for us. We were quickest on Thursday with Alex then both drivers qualified well for the race and then you saw what happened, even more annoying to see Kimi blow up a couple of laps later.

    Schumacher, well, enough has been said about that but to everyone it looked pretty self explanatory. I spoke to Keke and Marc Surer and they said that to them as drivers you could see what he was doing and they thought it was disgusting, like the rest of us.

    Anyway onwards and upwards. Not sure how we'll do at Silverstone.

    I'm doing a driver day with Mark at our sponsor Hamley's toy store in London all day next Tuesday 6th June. If any of you are in London come along to the store and race him on the simulator.

  • is that the big one on regent street?
  • Clearly I have missed something here.

    James is the mystery occasional login from Williams then? Also once from Minardi? Otherwise known as Jim who is called Jetset?

    This must piss Quig and Jello off no end.
  • I wasn't aware James was actually JetsetJim, but it would make sense when you think about it. :D

    Hey James, pass on to Mark all our best, and that the Aussies at least are rooting for him.

    So if some FM members from England come along to meet Mark you'll ensure they get VIP treatment and jump the queues? ;)
  • who the hell is jetsetjim?!
  • another very confusing thread!

    hey RJ, why don't you rename the website to

  • no he isn't jetset because jetset left minardi earlier than last year. we haven't seen him around for quite a while. I think he was actually part of the design staff. should still be at williams...
  • Actually Neill, 'MystifyingMalta.com' has a nice ring.
  • Also Lauda said on RTL Germany that it was obvious what Schumi did there.

    And RTL are very PRO-TOIT!!!!
  • It's not just Aussies who support Webbo. He will get the chance to meet me (again) next week.
  • Probably it's you who will be given the chance to meet him agian and not the other way round! :P

    Anyway, send our regards to him!
  • Originally posted by viges
    It's not just Aussies who support Webbo. He will get the chance to meet me (again) next week.

    Don't give him any autographs!
  • Hey folks, I can't seem to find anything on the board here about the FIA survey. Have you guys taken it? Sorry I have not been around much. been involved heavily this year in my company's expansion and did 6 shows in 8 weeks and a product rollout.

    Take the survey here:

    I was dissappointed to find out that the survey mainly asks questions about the print and tv coverage. When people are finally enticed to take the kids and family to race it can be rather dissappointing the lack of support for family events at some tracks. I had a nice discussion with a guy who came to Montreal from Oz. He said that Albert Park permits famileis to come and picnic and in Montreal the Gen Admission ticks are like being a prison camp. The jumbo trons face the worng way and the speakers can't even be heard cause the face the stands. Spa had no ATM machines. My point being that there needs to be someone from F1 wanderign about each circus venue and finding out all the little stupid things that make the event no fun adn can be easily corrected. Too many of the people making decisions miss what is going on in the life of the common man bringing his family to their first race. That is the opportinity to cultivate the next generation of fans. Each track is a bit different and, again, not much to fix these minor things but a pain in the butt none the less.

    When my 7 year old says "Dad, this is cool, but I really like watching it on tv because we cant' see or hear anything" that should send a signal. Children can be very observant.

    and James, I'm hoping that you read this since I think you feel the same way and you have the ability to at least get this kind of information to the powers that be while sipping cognac an smoking cubans;)
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