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Not really Minardi or F1 related. But did any of you guys just see the Indy500? Hornish won by passing Marco Andretti on the last straight. Kanaan and Michael Andretti were terribly close too.

What a finish!


  • He just barely beat Marco. I was hoping that Michael would win just so we wouldn't have to listen to the talk about him never winning anymore. Too bad about that, don't know what they would talk about next year then.
  • Michael is a twat, happy to see him lose again. Good on Marco though, I was pulling for him.

    In the end, who else deserved it? The guy that didn't have one yet and led every session leading up to the race.
  • Aren't Indycars ugly? Yuk.
  • Yes they are! That is why I don't watch. Pfft, damn ugly............that and also the fact that they don't show it here...
  • Come on, this was the most exciting race I have seen this year.

    Well, except for a certain A1 grand prix of Durban of course ;)
  • We had the press over here jumping up and down about Wheldon and how he should be in F1. To me he looks pretty ordinary. Looks like he got lucky winning Indy last year.
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