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Congrats on your first World Cup win! Japan just fell apart towards the end, and Austrailia was very persistent up the middle.


  • I'm a very happy man tonight. I thought at the 80th minute mark that we were done for... Awesome work by the boys!!!

  • They did well. It's a bit sad for those Japanese that they didn't get that penalty kick when it was still 1-1. But who cares now.
  • I think the referee overlooked that to even up overlooking the fact the first 'goal' should have been disallowed.
  • Possible.

    ....... hang on, we've got to play again? Twice? Fuck! :(
  • Three times if we actually win another match!

    Go Boys!!!
  • Pure luck ;)
  • Aussie conditions.

    But seriously, great stuff. Hiddink is a bit special. Wish we had him.

    Japs ran out of puff.
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