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Minardi Team Merchandise

For lovers of expensive retro chic everywhere, minarditeam.com presents their new line in team merchandise.

Must only be worn together with expensive shades.

Out now! Buy some, and be a part of the revival of a dream we all thought was dead.


  • http://www.minarditeam.com/eshop/?LN=IT

    lovely stuff

    Must only be worn together with expensive shades.
    some of that stuff is more expensive than prada shades :-o
  • Looks quite nice - but not the cheapest.
    Maybe I can persuade the wife to get me something for my birthday in acouple of months time ;)
  • Right! maybe my girlfriend...
    Acc!! I dont'have a girlfriend...

  • who was the girl we saw you with in Bologna?
  • She was my girlfriend, but now i'm free.

    but who'll buy a Minardi shirt for me?
    I need new girl before september!
  • Great stuff, just not quiet sure how to afford all of it
  • Just think if they had solod that stuff during the last few years - PS would have made a fortune. Funny how HE could not pull the design and sale of this level of kit off but a small F3000 outfit can......
  • so true... minardi pre 2000 had amazing fan gear
  • Yep - I have a boat load of it. My fav piece is the Minardi/ Zippo lighter. This thing is a work of art.

    Makes me want to take up smoking!
  • BTW - can any of you fewrign devils give any input on the size differences between euro sizes and regular sizes?
  • They need to get their payment system working sooner than later, just wish I could afford all that stuff.
  • Agreed - not to have the B to B bit worked out WAAAAAY in advance will hurt the momentum they could have had.

    I'm still buying though!
  • Originally posted by MCSF
    BTW - can any of you fewrign devils give any input on the size differences between euro sizes and regular sizes?
    One American hamburger is three European hamburgers....
  • Has anyone got a reply from the GP2 website yet.Sent a Email at the weekend to try and order some stuff but had no response.
  • I am sure her mailbox is FULL! I too have sent her an email and I think she will be busy for a while.
  • her? is roberta working for them again?
  • No. it is another real nice lady who has helped us (MCSF) alot.
  • I got an email from Antonella today she said a online payment system will be available very shortly but if I didn't want to wait to email her the size of what I want and sent her a bank draft for payment. Emmo she is also looking into video of the last few races particulary Spa.

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  • Any updates on the new merchandise yet or are we still all playing the waiting game?
  • Still working via email only - I plan on buying while we visit.
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