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Misano Testing - Day 1

It's 11 local time from what I can tell. Let's get the lunch-break pictures going as soon as they are up!

Any word on who's paired with Christijan today? Nicky or Chanock?


  • I read somewhere that Patorelli was on for this afternoon
  • It's on the main page of this site ;)

    Chanock will take the wheel on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon and Nicky indeed this afternoon.
  • That's too bad. Well, hopefully Nassany's checkbook is loaded. I'd really like to see Pastorelli with a realistic shot at a seat, though.
  • It's much too early for Pastorelli. He seems to be talented but let him gain experience for a couple of years..
  • T-driver role would suit him perfectly.
  • Pastorelli means this:

    The shepards in the Presepe (how do you call it? the one with Beckham and Posh...)
  • Pastorelli is seriously looking at a seat in the US for 2005 !!!
  • (Double posted)

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  • From www.f1racing.nl
    De testdag van Minardi begon vanochtend om 10.00 uur. De weersomstandigheden op het Italiaanse circuit zijn echter allesbehalve ideaal. Het is zeer koud en bovendien is het zicht door laaghangende mist beperkt. Desondanks lijken Albers en Minardi voolopig goed bezig. Er wordt druk gewerkt aan de afstelling en er worden enkele nieuwe onderdelen getest op de bolide van onze landgenoot.
    Rough translation:

    Testing started at ten this morning. The weather is far from ideal. It's very cold and fog is creating low visibility. Despite these facts Albers and Minardi are performing well. They are working hard on a setup en som new parts are getting tested.

  • fog is creating low visibility.
    That ain't good for spy pics either :(
  • Isn't Pastorelli testing only as a reward for the Superfund thing last year? Alonso and Gene got picked up that way, but they had money (and Alonso was also the next Senna). Any reason to think Pastorelli's in with a real shot?

    I'm hoping for Montagny to race, Freisacher as 3rd driver.
  • Isn't Pastorelli testing only as a reward for the Superfund thing last year?
    Yes, he won the Superfund Euro 3000 championship.

    I forgot where I I read it, but somewhere Nicky was quoted that he was opting for a test at Minardi anyway and that winning the Superfind championship saved him a lot of money.
  • Rumours are that Nicky Pastorelli already signed for Walker Racing (Champcars). And it's true he would have tested a Minardi anyway.
  • Some guys of Verstappen.nl/Christijan.com (Bartus G, Gerard Roest and Cees Verschuur) are in Misano, pics will be posted here later today:

  • WTF is this !?! I want to type v e r s t a p p e n . n l not verstappen.nl. Could you please explain RJ, I thought we would not use TDW on this board anymore?

  • sorry, hv been away too long...who TF is chanock?
  • An Israeli rich kid with a bag of money. Oh, and he is damn near as old as me as well.

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  • I just read on Dutch SBS teletext that Verstappen and Pastorelli will race in ChampCars this season.
    BTW, Doornbos will certainly race for Jordan. He just needs to sign, but Judas is waiting untill he finalises the sale of the team to Midland.

    Did you read that: Verstappen wil NOT race in F1!!!!:hehe:
  • I swear that I wrote Ver-stappen in my last post.

    Just checking if this is changed as well: Ferrari !!!!!:hehe:

    Oh Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P

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  • Let me try


  • COOL! RJ is a genius!
  • Ok, but what about www.minardi.it ?

    EDIT: doesn't get changed

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  • I always wished we could do that, but figured it couldn't be done with this software.
    Love ya work RJ :D
  • Yes, Homer is correct The Other Minardi Site should come up as TOMS - maybe a link to it if it refers to something over there.
  • I just found out that Renault tested their WorlSeries car at Misano last week.
    Weather conditions were foggy as well and the fastest lap was 1:19.
    Check this: http://www.renault-sport.fr/en/world_series/formulaV6/news.php?news=7299.html#
  • Pastorelli will test tomorrow instead of today !!
    Before he could start there were already problems considering the clutch. No further news about Albers so far.
  • M$ does it again at Barna today : 1,6 sec. quicker as the rest !!!:(:mad:

    the Dutch version of F1racing.net is running this report:

    Christijan Albers is bezig met een uiterst succesvolle test voor het team van Minardi. Onze landgenoot reed tot op heden al ruim 50 rondjes op het Italiaanse circuit van Misano. Later vanmiddag zal Albers afgelost worden door een andere Nederlander, Nicky Pastorelli.

    Albers en Minardi maken voor deze test gebruik van een nieuw compound van bandenfabrikant Bridgestone. Volgens betrouwbare bronnen zou deze band in totaal 700 kilometer lang goed moeten kunnen functioneren.

    Voorlopig verloopt de test van Albers voorspoedig. Het team heeft ons laten weten tot op heden zeer tevreden te zijn over de progressie die geboekt wordt. De afstelling van de Minardi lijkt steeds beter te worden, ondanks dat Christijan nog altijd klaagt over enige onbalans aan de achterkant van de auto bij het aanremmen.
    Translation of the important points:
    - Albers drove 50+ laps.
    - Testing a new Bridgestone tyre/tire compound. This is supposed to last 700km.
    - The team is content with progress and the set-up seems to get better.
    - Albers complains about lack of balance at the rear of the car during braking.

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  • Fastest lap 1:19? Am I wrong or did Chris lost about 9 secounds of his time from november?
  • Hot off the press' from Faenza





    MISANO, ITALY, January 18, 2005 – Foggy conditions accompanied by occasional snow flurries greeted Minardi Cosworth team members as they arrived at the Autodromo Santamonica for the opening day of a scheduled three-day test.  As a result, there was little opportunity for any meaningful running during the morning, but with conditions improving in the afternoon, drivers Christijan Albers and Nicky Pastorelli remained hopeful of completing their respective programmes.  Albers was first out, at the wheel of a Minardi Cosworth PS04B chassis.  He completed a total of 57 laps before a hydraulic problem with the car brought his session to a premature conclusion.  With light fading rapidly, Minardi technical staff were unable to complete the necessary repairs in the time available, and the team therefore decided to postpone Pastorelli’s test until Wednesday morning.  Israeli driver, Chanoch Nissany, will join Albers and Pastorelli at the Misano circuit tomorrow.            


    CHRISTIJAN ALBERS                     Best lap: 1 min 14.490 secs             Total laps: 57

    “The big change for me at this test compared with my last time here at Misano, in November, is that now I know I am going to be a Minardi race driver in 2005, and it feels great.  I also know the team a lot better, as I have been spending a lot of time in Faenza training and preparing myself physically and mentally for the season ahead.  Today we did some useful work and we have discovered a little bit more about the car.  We struggled a little with the initial set-up, but the track and weather conditions were not great.  I’m confident we’ll make good progress as the test goes on.  As usual, the team has done a great job today and the guys have put in maximum effort.  The atmosphere is really good, and I feel right at home.”


    MASSIMO RIVOLA, Sporting Director and Team Manager

    “We lost time this morning because of the adverse weather conditions, but even so, once Christijan took to the track, he quickly demonstrated his speed and consistency.  It’s also clear the training he has been doing since the last test, in November, is paying off and we are very pleased with his physical condition.  Unfortunately, a hydraulic problem with the car this afternoon meant we were not able to cover the scheduled distance, but all being well, Christijan should easily complete the remaining kilometres required to qualify for his Super licence tomorrow.  Regrettably, we didn’t have the opportunity to run Nicky this afternoon as planned, but he will be the first driver in the car in the morning.  Finally, our sincere thanks to the Bridgestone personnel, who are once again supporting us strongly at this test.  We were able to collect considerable useful data today regarding the 2005 car and tyres, and the initial results are certainly very interesting.”


    - Ends -


    Minardi Testing Details

    Location: Autodromo Santamonica, Misano, Italy

    Date: January 18, 2005

    Weather: Foggy with snow flurries initially, clearing in the afternoon but remaining cold

    Air temperature: 0-7deg C

    Track temperature: minus 1-6 deg C


    Driver: Christijan Albers (NL)                           

    Chassis allocation: PS04B/04                              

    Distance covered: 231.4 km                                                                                                       

  • Thanks Quig. Reading between Rivola's lines it seems they were concerned with Chris's fitness last year.

    BTW gotta love Bridgestone suddenly taking an interest!
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