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Sepang A1GP

AY is 7th on the grid - any word from the inside Facty/Spin?


  • Alex came 4th in the Sprint race then 7th in the Main Race. 7 points overall which takes Malaysia to equal third with France and Mexico behind Germany and GB.

    The race started in a monsoonal deluge behind the safety car and stayed wet till over halfway through. Alex had a dryer set-up betting on the track drying out. He lost positions to 14th but as it dried he moved up from 14th to 7th but the break came too late for a better result.

    Quite exciting in the second half. But that's the gamble - you can't change much during the race and Alex probably knows the track and Malaysian weather better than anyone but was maybe a little too clever today.

    Young Nico Hulkengerg starred to win by a big margin.
    Alex actually posted the fastest lap in the main event once the track started to dry, but didn't get the fastest lap point which went to Italy for the faster sprint lap.

  • Sorry, Correction:

    New Zealand scored the fastest lap of the day and Italy the fastest in the feature race, followed by AY and then Nico.

    Good drive by Robbie Kerr too, to take 2nd.

    USA was 6th, Quig so doing OK with Greg Wheeler, Alex's ex engineer.

  • That German kid seems to have some talent.
  • and managed by Willi Weber ...
  • I woke up (VERY EARLY) to try to watch the race... Saw the intro's, saw the start...dog woke me up licking my face....barret-jackson auto auction was on ...or something but I missed the dang race!
  • ♫♪
    I woke up in the morning, ….
    Watched the practice and the warm-up at Sepang,
    Came the clouds and then it rained
    The german raced an aquaplaned
    More action than traction,

    …and if that’s not racing….
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