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From STR today:

Sebastian Bourdais will drive a Scuderia Toro Rosso car during the team's
scheduled three day test at the Jerez de la Frontera circuit in Spain, which runs
from 13 to 15 December.

The 27 year old Frenchman has won the Champ Car series for the past three years.
His test with Scuderia Toro Rosso has been endorsed by the Newman Haas team
with whom Bourdais wants to defend his Champ Car title in 2007.


  • Didn't Bourdais say earlier in the year that he had given up on F1? What happened to change his mind or is this just a publicity stunt or do Newman Haas fancy a swap with Speed?
  • Perhaps the talk of dumping Speed earlier was real and Newman Haas is jumping at trying to make this swap happen.

    Not to mention with the Newey designed Toro Rosso an Ferrari engines Bourdais would be dumb to pass at this chance to get a race seat at Toro Rosso in 2007.
  • Bourdais deserves his chance in F1. I thought Toro Rosso was just for young drivers in the Red Bull Stable?
  • STR won't get the budget from RB that they expected to receive. Therefor Speed an Liuzzi are no longer sure of their seats. A new chance for the pay-drivers.
  • I seem to remember reading or listeninng to an interview with gerhard berger just after he accquired his stake in STR. In said interview Berger said that he would have a say in driver selection. Perhaps giving Bourdais a test is his way of forcing Mr Red Bull to give him more cash?
  • Biker where did you hear about the STR Budget? During my research for an article I am doing it is impossible to get any information relating to Red Bull/STR's expenditures either past or in the future.
  • Yea I have to agree. There seems to be a shortfall in STR's expected budget. Begs the question, did Mateschitz underestimate the funding required to run 2 teams. There certainly seems to be little economies of scale if one is forced to build 2 different cars.
    On the driver front, I would say that Luizzi is more vulnerable. Speed actually kept pace with him and outaced him on four occasions.
  • STR is only owned 50% by Mateshit now.
    Maybe he expects Berger to cough up 50% of the budget?
  • Grandprix.com are suggesting that it could be Speed's place thats under threat. Red bull is concenrating on developing US talent in NASCAR so a US face in F1 might not be important anymore. An interesting point is that of all the original Red Bull developement Speed is the only one still under the Red Bull banner.
  • According to the autosport website Bourdais is considering an 2008 seat with STR.
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