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Toyota Launch

Toyota are the first team to launch the 2007 car. Apparantly it has a revolutionary front suspension design and a higher front nose but it looks the same as last years to me.

Toyota launch article

I'm sure some of the more technically knowledgable guys will spot more subtle differences.

I personally don't think they'll win a race unless there is a 1996 Monaco type scenario.


  • Their cars, aerodynamically speaking, never look completely up-to-date. They still appear way too square to me.
  • Its difficult to judge a car's performance purely on its appearance. For mr the TF107 has a lot of strakes, winglets and flip ups. That suggest the efficiency of the overall package is low. A good rule of thumb is the less winglets the more efficient the package. Just look at last year's Renault. I think the FIA should ban all strakes and winglets!

  • I think the FIA should ban all strakes and winglets!
    Here here. A man after my own heart the FIA should ban barge boards as well.

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