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Move along, nothing to see hear - The RB3 launch

Can't say that the car looks like new ground! Could be a development of last years Macca. But that was hardly a stellar effort. I wonder if Newey has moved to RBR to top up his pension and will be taking the project manager role regards design.
Nonetheless, fireworks are guaranteed with the STR launch. Too similar a car and arbitration beckons. Even if the whores at the FIA pass it legal. It must be a breach of the Concorde agreement to pinch a rivals car design? What say you?


  • Apologies in advance to viges for the typo. I meant to type here, not hear. Anyone would think I went to a comprehensive, ....shudder!
  • The thing that scared me about the launch was the fact they had a sponsor which wasn't red bull affiliated (sp?). I almost fell off me seat. What is Metro anyway.
  • Originally posted by steamdrivenhammer
    The thing that scared me about the launch was the fact they had a sponsor which wasn't red bull affiliated (sp?). I almost fell off me seat. What is Metro anyway.
    Maybe some kind of version of Firefox ??:P

    In Holland it's a free newspaper
  • Maybe some kind of version of Firefox ??:P

    Haha. I'm at work so using IE7 so no issues with the site. I know Metro sponsored Alx Danielsson / Comtec Racing in the World Series by Renault but that doesn't help. In the UK its the name of the underground in Newcastle. but i doubt its that.

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  • Metro is indeed a free tabloit format newspaper, which you can find in Sweden, France, Holland and some more countries.
  • And London but not with that logo.

    Yes, the STR/Aguri thing is completely against Concorde but, as you say, the FIA is policeman, prosecutor, judge, jury and hangman. It helps that Bernie's old lawyer oversees proceedings. I think they see 2007 as an annoyance before the brave new world. It sounds like Prodrive will effectively be running a McLaren B team with even mechanics from Woking.

    re: RBR launch. I like the boys just rolling it into the pitlane. If I was a team boss its exactly what I'd do.
  • I think the difference is pretty massive.


    I'm not sure how it doesn't "look like new ground."

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  • Allow me to explain. The car's based on last years Macca . But Newey was not in place to iron out Macca's flaws. Did he correct those errors with this car. I agree its different to the RB2.
  • The yellow nose looks like it's come off a platypus!!!
  • Saying that it is a Macca clone is simplistic.

    If you look closer you will notice that the sidepods are a close copy of Renaults. Obviously because of the cooling requirements. See below.

    Also it has a twin keel where I think the Macca has a zero keel.

  • Probably the RB3 is based on the MP4-20 which Newey designed and developped as opposed to last years challenger, which, although deigned by Newey was develloped by Coughlan.
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