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TOIT sign Concorde

What does this do to the GPWC? They definitely need TOIT if they are to have any real clout, perhaps Minardi should start doing a deal with BE to try and get a larger slice...

Keep your friends closer, and your enemies even closer, and if its good enough for TOIT, it should be good enough for us...


  • All the pundits kept saying that 'Whoever has TOIT, has F1." So I guess that's Bernie. So all those that crapped on Stoddie for sticking by BE/FOM, can start the apologies.

    A seperate thread I think would be appropriate. That way we can go straight there and laugh at the doomsayers and non-believers.
  • GPWC, was always dead in the water, Ford's withdrawal from F1 just illustrated why. No manufacturer wants to lose, it negates the purpose of competing (PR). With no privateers (and you can bet that Bernies probably got them tied down), one manufacturer is always going to look bad. (looking bad is OK for a private racing team, but not for a multinational).

    TOIT were never going to abandon their position in F1 for equal stakes in GPWC. The cost to Fiat to compete with Toyota was just too astronomical. In the current setupTOIT F1 pays for itself.

    I Think Toyota is far closer to a Ford type withdrawl than we think. They're the hindmost manufacturer team.
    I predict Sauber's going to kick their ass, and if Jordan, Minardi, and RB come within striking distance, much face will be lost.

  • GPWC has been a great pressure tool for TOIT to push through
    some of their demands towards BE.

    Now that they secured their future in F1 they don't care about the rest.

  • I think that if anyone thinks that this is a good deal for F1 they're joking. The times has revealed that Ecclestone had to throw a shit load of Money TOIT's way. In addition, and this, as the americans say, is the deal breaker: TOIT will have a greater say in the way the F1 rules are drawn up! Can you see the other manufacturer teams agreeing to this.
    Sure Stoddart and Jordan will sign up, the want cash at any price. This ones not done by a longshot!
    BTW the single tyre rule is going to be thrown out by Mosely next week. I wonder who put pressure on him to drop that one?
  • if Stoddard and Jordan get together and also move towards the GPWC then
    all might not be lost.

    That is unless BE want to have TOIT build 20 cars to race :rolleyes:

    TOIT already has way to much to say in the F1 . In the past when teams
    were having a very clear edge the rules were changed to make the races
    more exciting again. Now that it's TOIT's turn to be dominant the rules will only be
    changed to make sure they will remain dominant :(

    This latests trick of TOIT to first go with the GPWC but now that they made
    their deal (more influence and more money?) into F1 they are going back
    leaving the other teams to split the pieces that BE or TOIT didn't want

  • How can TOIT sign up to a Concorde which is two years away and hasn't even been negotiated, as far as we know?
  • This is about taking out the GPWC, nothing more. TOIT have their price, always have had, and sooner or later Bernie was going to strike a deal. With their GPWC lifeboat now sunk, he can turn the screw on the other manufacturers. Effective? Certainly. Good for F1? Probably not. But whatever agreements might say (even signed ones), there is no mileage for anyone in letting TOIT write the rulebook - ways will be found to negate whatever advantage TOIT think they've got.
  • It will be great in say, 15 years from now when all the manufacturers have packed up and gone - and I strongly believe they will, leaving Minardi, Sauber, Jordan maybe, a string of Independants and TOIT...only with less money and power!

    I can dream cant I? :(
  • A small rection from PS to the news (from f1racing.net):
    Minardi's Paul Stoddart, on the other hand, admitted that the agreement signalled an end to the plan to start a rival world championship, but not GPWC.
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