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  • Space Junk. That is funny. I liked it!
  • What, animation?!?!?!?

    Good one
  • nice.

    We're asking for an invasion. lol
  • I know it has nothing to do with this particular thread, but it says NASA very loud!!
    I wondered if this story is everywhere as big as it is in Holland now. It's in the newspapers and even on tv-news. Bad PR for NASA I assume, even if they're not to blame:
    Read this (in wikipedia!!)
  • Oh yeah - this is all the buzz here. She must have gone totally bonkers her last rip into space.
  • Well Quig, you know, when you love something so much, sometimes it's not easy to see what's normal.;)
  • hey, emmet, did you by any chance have any intercourse with nowak before?

    errr...i mean the conversation kind...
  • No, actually she has been to my NASA a time or two but I really don't have much contact with flight crew people - the hardware I develop is for different programs. I do know Janice Voss - 5 times on the shuttle but she is no longer on active astronaut status. They are def a different breed.

  • the hardware I develop is for different programs
    A dirty mind is a joy forever :P
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