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Albers to launch new website

F1 racing.net is reporting that CA is to relaunch his website and fanclub.


This seems to have Minardi's official blessing and is to be developed by Lost Boys.

I recall Lost boys gracing the Orange Arrows way back when, perhaps they will grace the Minardi.


  • Nobody and no-one beats FM.com!!!!!!:D
  • and they call Toit supporters fanatical.

    they haven't seen anything yet.

    A proposal for 2005.

    Let jump on editors that ignore Minardi.

    I don't mean critise, some critism is warranted and valid.

    But I mean those sloppy writers whose intensive review of an event does not extend to giving Minardi a valid write up.

    Let them know we're out there, and that we deserve decent reporting about our team.

    Generally speaking the Online publications do a good job, its the print media that needs a serious kick up the pants.

  • There will be a 2-seater event in Zandvoort this year !!:cool:
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