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Front Page

Thaks RJ - a story well worthy of front page coverage! I saw it on the blog but my translation was poor compared to yous.

Keep up the good work.



  • Thank you, Emmett, you're welcome
  • Well, what are your predictions people? I think this is a good move - taking the best elements from both squads. I know for a fact - yes from secret emails from Veggiano - that they are working very hard sorting the two squads out and prepping for the season.
  • Negrao seems to have little going for him but a large amount of cash, I assume he was part of the deal between Piquet and Minardi, his form in the last 2 seasons shows no reason to keep him.

    Roldan certainly seems to have some good speed and is attracting the right interest but GP2 seems to be a pretty hard series to adjust to for some drivers but I still think he will end the year as the teams top driver.

    Wins are definately possible this year and the championship in Euro3000 if GP2 doesn't take all the focus.
  • Your right on the Negrao issue and the money but remember he was always playing no two to Daddys boy so its up to him this is make or break. I really believe Roldan will prove his worth. I'm looking forward to hooking up with new team manager Simon Cayzer next week should be interesting to get the inside track.

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  • For F3000 I can see a championship for sure if our performance carries over from last season.

    As for GP2 I think the team will be a front runner with an occasional win, Roldan will impress as the season goes on, probably outshining Negrao.
  • GP2 will be a tough nut to crack. to be the 3rd or 4th team would be quite an achievement. In fact, it would surprise me (positively!).
    In F3000 the chances are a lot better.

    BTW: Alex stole that frontpage pretty quick ;)
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