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Report: Schumi may have interst in Buying STR

Willie quoted in an interview that Schumi may have interest in buying STR. This comes out the same day Ralph claims to be a top 3 driver and that his brother could not have won world championships if he drove for Minardi.

STR Report

Ralph Interview


  • Reality.

    Ralf top 3? Oooo he's such a .... special boy, isn't he? :D

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  • The words Pitpass and reality just don't jive.
  • I think Chris Balfe is doing an extremely good job!
  • Another report this morning this time on Planet F1 that is quoting Gulf News, Schumacher close to Buying STR and that Braun would be involved.
  • Smell that?
  • at least turn it into something we could call a team, not an assembly line as it is now
  • As long as it has a big sign out the front thats starts with M.
  • If he will buy it. We could consider sending him the petition ;)

    But it probably won't be the same again anyway.
  • We don't need a Schumi or anyone else. We have a Team. They had their launch over this past weekend.

    GP2 is our main series now - with the Euro 3K and Italian F renault and f3 as other series where we can show our support.
  • and, should you be able to arrange it with your conscience, there's a champ car team too :P
  • When,if ever, GCM gives the champ car team HIS blessing then I will support it.
  • "GP2 is our main series now - with the Euro 3K and Italian F renault and f3 as other series where we can show our support."

    Unfortunately Quig for us Antipodeans we get absolutely ZERO coverage of any other series other than F1. We get the odd hours highlights of the A1GP series, but it's usually at least two weeks after the event. For instance, two nights ago we got an hours worth of the A1GP race from Mexico. To the best of my knowledge, not even the local pay-tv coverage includes these other series. So that's us pretty much knackered for anything other than F1.
  • Don't get me wrong Oz, I still watch and enjoy (to a lesser extent) F1. However the thought of MS buying what STR and even thinking for a moment that we would have "our" Team back is fanciful at best.

    You are luckier than us - to the best of my knowledge the A1 was not shown here in the States and when GP2 joins up with F1 in Europe we will only get the sprint race.

    Better than last year when all we got was some footage of the Euro 3k from the Team on a DVD which Ger had to sort out.
  • Hmm. Anyone got a spare copy of this DVD?

    A1 is on Speed Quigs, but very, very delayed. Check their web site, I'm sure it has a schedule.
  • "However the thought of MS buying what STR and even thinking for a moment that we would have "our" Team back is fanciful at best."

    Fully concur mate.

    Hopefully the F1 coverage here will improve this year as Ch10 has lost the rights to show the V8's. As it stands we don't even get qualy except for a 2-3 minute wrap up prior to showing the race itself, and even that is a delayed telecast. The only "live" race we get each season is Aust, although with the date changes this year we may get Malaysia as well.
  • Sorry OZ. Malaysia will be delayed till 10.30pm. Nothing changes.
  • Toro Rosso poke fun at buyout rumours
    Making light of takeover rumours
    08/04/07 16:58
    Toro Rosso has cast a predictably humorous light on rumours this weekend that the German race car builder HWA could launch a $150m bid to buy Gerhard Berger's 50 per cent stake in the team.

    'Who is buying us today?' the Faenza based team's press department rhetorically asked in the headline of the post-race press release from the scene of the Malaysian Grand Prix.

    STR forecast that 'a consortium of Martians' could be among the next potential buyers.

    'We are over the moon about buying the team,' a phoney spokesman said.


    More seriously, however, the HWA speculation is thought to be genuine, and Berger at Sepang tellingly refused to discuss the issue with reporters rather than simply issue a clear denial.

    "I don't want to talk about it," Berger said.

    Source GMM
    CAPSIS Internationa
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