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Misano test 3-4 February

Minardi will test again on Misano 3 and 4 February with only Albers at the moment. But I think we will see Kiesa back in the car also.
Source: raceplanet.net


  • Wow - all this Kiesa news lately. Funny - I got a handful of emails from a Kiesa fan club a month or so ao asking how to get in touch with him....
  • Kiesa has a fan club?

    Kiesa has a fan? :o
  • NO SHIT! I was getting mail from them on a fairly regualr basis.

    But let me tell you - he really is a nice guy. Prob too nice as he'll pull off to the side to let others get by but he really is nice. Trippy 'cause he's a Dane and they live in nasty ass conditions with the Krauts are their neighbors. I'd be pissed all the time. Well Copenhagen chew would help but...
  • I have been watching Dutch teletext again (the Dutch always have the strangest rumors:P), and it says that 99% Kiesa will drive the 2nd Minardi in 2005 !!!!!
  • Nice guy and all... but...

    Forza Albers! You might be our only hope!
  • I don't think Kiesa is THAT bad. Allright, he's not a Ayrton Senna, but also not a Sergej Zlobin. I mean, when Baumgartner signed for Minardi, everybody was shocked and the guy improved a lot. I think we should give Kiesa a chance, he deserves it.

    EDIT: Any info about the car? PS04C or PS05?

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  • Pay driver / fast driver has always resulted in a good year...
  • Paul Stoddart said to crash.net (but I can't find it), that Minardi is going to test more, on top of the fridaytests. Ten have already been planned for. They have at the moment not desided who is going to be the third driver on the friday.
  • That bit of news is like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day. Heck, Bridgestone should be paying us to test as they do TOIT.
  • It looks like a Gimmi-Kiesa showdown right now. Dunno, any of them is fair for me.
  • F1racing.net thinks it's Kiesa:
    Australian entrepreneur Paul Stoddart has decided on a 2005 teammate for confirmed Minardi driver Christijan Albers. He's just not telling - yet. ''I'm confident we'll go to Melbourne with a rather good driver pairing,'' Stoddart said.

    According to speculation, Denmark's Nicolas Kiesa - who drove five grands prix for the little Faenza-based team at the end of 2003 - is the man most likely to get the nod.

    Why? Because former frontrunner, incumbent Zsolt Baumgartner, is apparently out of the race. His agent, Rick Gorne, appears now to be pinning the Hungarian's hopes on a spare Jordan drive.

    ''All the options,'' read a statement issued by Zsolt's management, ''(are) currently under negotiation.''
  • *Kick*

    Any news about tomorrow? Are they going to test?

  • According to F1Total.com, yes

    Btw: According to danish TV, Kiesa should be announced this evening....
  • If that's true, I suppose he will be testing this week.
  • It's 22:44 and nothing is announced....

    I think Albers will test together with Nissany and Kiesa will be announced the end of the week.
  • Does anyone know what the weather is like in Misano today?? I hope better than last time.
  • Misano adriatico at 10:00 am

    data giovedì
    3 febbraio 2005 temperatura +3 °C copertura nuvoloso vento 7 nodi/s pressione 1023 mbar

    Sorry, is italian:rolleyes:
  • the weather in Italy yesterday was awesome

    link for today's weather


  • Why Kiesa. Except for being one of the few drivers with a 100% finishing record what has he done.
  • Welcome to last week mate..
  • ALbers and Kiesa will not test because it is too cold, too much snow on the track.
  • Fantastic, I just made a thread for the day. :spank:

    Time to fuel up the haulers a bit more and make the trip to Spain, Mr Stoddart. This isn't productive.
  • This is bloody ridiculous !! When you test that little and the few tests you can do, have to be cancelled due to bad weather, that's irresponsible. Isn't there a racetrack in Israel ??
  • They should come to Valencia, like the other teams !!!!

    BTW, >Misano track is snowfree, but the gravelpits are full of snow. That's why we don't get permission to start the test !!
  • Is this a poor verstappen joke??
  • This is bloody ridiculous !! When you test that little and the few tests you can do, have to be cancelled due to bad weather, that's irresponsible.
    I concur.
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