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I have made this suggestion some time ago but now I believe it is time to implement it.

What do you all think instead of having the different forums we have only one forum!? It will make us all concentrate on one forum istead of trying to cope with four forums? After all I do not really see a lot of contributions on the other forums!


  • exactly.

    do we need Italian, and especially Spanish, forums?
  • we need only 1 forum! Let's vote!
  • 1 forum is a bad idea
  • Bad ideas are good! ::P
  • i concede that traffic hasn't been too impressive on the foreign language boards but what's the point of merging the pub with the normal board apart from getting very confusing threads? It's not like I charge you for every additional forum that's open in here
  • Ok, let's add swahili and norwegian forums then if you're doing the United Nations thing.
  • all good and well but what I fail to see is why it would bother anyone
  • The amount of forums is fine the way it is. The Italian & Spanish Forums serve a purpose for those forumers (is there such a word) who don't speak english. As for the "Pub" forum that is essential as it allows the forumers to discuss non-motorsport related topics. If the "pub" didn't exist then you'd get complaints from forumers who were annoyed by people creating new topics without an "OT or "Off Topic" prefix. As RJ said he hasn't charged us for using the forums. Perhaps if the forumers who only want one forum pay RJ for the time it will take him to back-up all the topics on the other forums and redesign the forum section and post a notice on the front page. As a student i'm sure his local public house will be greatful of the increase revenue. :P
  • "who don't speak english"

    manlio, salvo etc speak and write english well and i do not see any new memebers who speak only their native language!
  • :(

  • add a Welsh one for all the boyo's out there
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