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Silverstone F1

Lovely day, dull race. TOIT on top again - fascinating how its oscillating each weekend.

Maybe that analysis about longer wheelbase TOIT suiting fast corners is correct. Lewis blames his set-up, Ron again points to engines being turned down for fear of blowing? Hmmm.


  • YEs, dull race.
    Maybe need a Scottish git or two to run along the track to make life interesting. Webber plagued by problems. THe grid times for all teams was extremely tight I thought.
  • Piston that lunatic was Irish not Scottish:mad:
  • Must admit I was watching an enthralling Wimbledon men's final so I missed the GP. Unless it rains at Silverstone or some lunatic invades the track its always going to be a dull affair.
  • Hahaha both Kimi and Ferdy out at q1, absolute disaster for TOIT. And fully deserved!!!! :-)
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