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27th of January...

What exactly is happening? Is the driver lineup being announced? F1Racing has a sidebar with all the launches written down...perhaps the '05 car is being launched? Stoddart said the first chassis was complete. What constitutes 'complete'?


  • I think it's just a party for all "dutchies" that supports Albers.
    Nothing special...
  • Dutch sponsor announcements
  • So long as they're:

    a) Not Trust
    b) Not Wilux
    c) Paying up front!
  • Albers will be arriving in the Minardi F1 car !!
  • The brand spanking new PS05 ???
  • Albers will be arriving in the Minardi F1 car !!
    That is why he was testing in the snow last week :P
  • The brand spanking new PS05 ???
    Let's hope, but I guess it's going to be the PS04B-2005spec, bevause that's the one they're going to use the first 3 races !!
  • What I dont get is that they have a new chassis but arent racing it.

    Wouldn't you want to race the damn thing as quickly as possible.....or at least test it???
  • If the first chassis were truly "complete", it would be testing this week and racing in Melbourne. They're not going to sit around looking at it and patting themselves on the back, are they?

    I suspect that Stoddart is saying the first tub is made/baked/fabricated or whatever they call it. That still leaves a lot of further work to get the other parts all done and the car assembled.

  • At least when the new car does start racing then we can see what improvement it brings in lap time.

    If we are .5 sec lap behind jordan for the first 3 races then the introduction of the new we are .5 a lap ahead of them, that would be good
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